Identifying three handle tub and shower assembly. Possibly a Valley, but unsure, anyone recognize it?

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TL;DR - Stem for tub and shower faucet is plastic with D broach, has threads on inside of broach which the handle adapter and handle itself screw into, part numbers on handle and adapter resulted in mixed bag of Valley brand search results, unsure of part to buy, links for parts I’m considering are below. Help me identify this please, any info welcome!



I’m repairing a tub and shower handle on this setup, the threads in the stem are stripped out so the handle no longer stays on, I tried some teflon tape around the screw to see if that would make them catch but it’s beyond repair so I need replacements.

When I looked up the number I found on the handle adapter I received a lot of results for the brand Valley, which I don’t remember ever working on before but usually when repairing these three handles I just skip to replacing the whole assembly with a universal kit, and it seems like Valley is no longer in business and I couldn’t find a stem at Home Depot that looked the same with threads on the inside of the broach.

Anyone recognize this assembly, point me in the right direction of where to find it, ever heard of Valley brand faucet before or knows who makes replacement parts for them now? The parts I found online are these two, and which both resemble the current stem but have two different lengths listed. Plus, I can’t tell if they are threaded on the inside of the stem.

Any help is appreciated thank you.
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