Toilet flapper leaking

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My latest water bill came higher than usual. On average we use around 6-7k gallons of water per month; family of four. This past month it was 11k gallons used. Called the water company to see if it was an error on their part but they said it wasn’t, that’s what the meter showed so that’s what they charged. Averaged it out and comes out to about 129 gallons more per day or 5.3 gallons per hour that was used more than the usual average.

So I went around the house looking for faulty faucets or anything else that could be leaking. Found that in the kids’ bathroom the toilet was making a weird noise, like water being sucked out and I could see water flowing into the bowl. Fill valve is not leaking. I thought it could be the the flapper so I replaced it. Figured I’d start with the cheapest part first. I noticed the noise is gone but still after flushing the toilet, for about 10-15 seconds I can see water still flowing into the bowl even after the fill valve has stopped filling the tank. After these few seconds I no longer see water flowing into the tank.

What else should I be looking at or is this normal for water to continue flowing into the bowl for a few seconds and then stop?


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How high is the water level with respect to the overflow?

Is the fill tube held above the overflow with a clip (should be), or is it sticking down the overflow?

Turn off the supply stop valve at the wall. Note how far the water drops over time. It might fall to only 3/4 inch shy of the overflow. It might stop at the flapper, in which case you will act on that.
Less likely is that the level falls below the flapper, and that is a different cure.
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