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I'd like to improve my water quality. I'm on a well and have attached my latest water results. Currently there are no filters of any kind on my setup but there should be....

I know I need sediment filters... what sizes? Any how many filters?

Also, is there anything that stands out in my water report that I should address? Zinc? Silica? Something else?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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pH. You could inject soda ash with a peristaltic pump, or you could add (both a calcite tank and a softener). Right now your hardness is closer to 2 grains than 3 grains. You have pretty nice water.

There could be other possibilities to let you keep the low pH and take other steps to protect your plumbing. Such as not using metal pipes and fixtures. The copper in your report could be coming from your copper pipe upstream of the sample point.

Silica is not that bad, and not readily treatable.

Your water report gives no indication regarding your need for a cartridge filter. I might add a single Pentair 20x4.5 inch housing with a 25-5 micron DRG filter. A smaller filter is probably enough. Looking at what the filter catches is a good way to see if a smaller one would have been suitable. However a 20 inch filter will have about half of the backpressure of a 10 inch one. The 20x4.5 housings are heavy if you try to carry with outstretched arms.

Either put a 3-valve bypass around the filter, or at least keep an extra o-ring on hand.
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