Please suggest softener, high sulfate(not sulfur) and TDS

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I've been lurking for years and appreciate the great information on this forum!

The well pump is ~900' in an aquifer that is well known to have high TDS and sulfate. Usage is ~120gallons a day but can vary. The hardware configuration is probably up for a lot of criticism but due to many considerations and already having equipment on hand, this made the most sense to me.

I will most likely need an ion exchange setup for the sulfate issue, placed downstream of the water softener. I would like to do another water test before adding the sulfate tank.

At this point, I would like suggestions on softener sizing and pros/cons of dual tanks. Since water usage is inconsistent and I hate the idea of regenerating before necessary, I am leaning towards the dual tanks. It seems that people here are somewhat against them. Yes, Clack or Fleck. If there are suggestions of reputable online sellers, I'd appreciate it.

5.1gpm well pump, Stenner chlorine injector, two (parallel) 1054 Zeosand filters, 2,500 gallon tank, pump/pressure tank, GAC 1054, 120' PEX(doesn't like chlorine), Big Blue filter, 350 gallon tank, pump/pressure tank. This is where I want to add the softener before it goes to points of use - and eventually the sulfate ion exchange setup.

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The cure is worse than the disease... removing sulfates with ion exchange is rarely done for a multitude of reasons. it is simple but this is ion exchange, you will be replacing the sulfate with chloride, do you really want that much chloride in the water? This is a little more complex, I will send you a PM.
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