High Sulfates, Hardness, TDS

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Lake County, Illinois
I have a well with high sulfates (900mg/L), hardness (820mg/L), and TDS (1,400 mg/L), as well as iron reducing bacteria and slime bacteria. We have a two year old daughter and just had twin girls, and want to fix the water to prevent skin and digestive issues. We currently have a softener, an AIO, and an under sink RO system, but my wife and my hands are literally bleeding at creases & wrinkles and regularly feel infected from daily dishwashing, handwashing, and bathing (they improved in a matter of days when we were away from the house).

I assume the solution is POE reverse osmosis (509+ gpd?) including a spin down sediment filter, chlorine injection and contact tank, backwashing GAC filter for chlorine removal, either anti-scalant injection or softener pretreatment for the hardness, remineralization (would a blending valve work here or would I add back too much hardness getting my TDS to an enjoyable and copper-safe level?), a 500 gallon atmospheric tank, and UV or Ozone post treatment. Does that sound reasonable? We are getting the run around from most of the local water treatment companies who seem to immediately assume we don’t need / want whole house RO before they’ve even looked at water test results.

Alternatively, should we consider nanofiltration instead given that calcium, magnesium, and sulfate are the only problematic dissolved solids (alongside chlorine injection for the bacteria)?

Assuming RO is the right direction, is there any way we can dilute or pretreat the concentrate before disposal? We were thinking of sending it into a creek in our backyard that flows to a small pond, but we don’t want to do so if it will negatively impact the environment. Our septic company says our system can only handle 750 gpd (we use about 500 gpd between five people), so I don’t imagine disposal to the septic system is an option. Im curious whether we need to consider diluting the concentrate (maybe with high volume rainwater harvesting and storage?) or treat it with some other kind of filtration?

Lastly, any suggestions on “DIY” RO system brands? So far we’re considering US Water Systems, Weco, Newterra, and Apex, but I really haven’t the slightest idea how to compare their quality apart from price, specs, and “features”.

NTL results (mg/L)

Calcium 154.1
Iron 0.115
Magnesium 105.45
Manganese 0.016
Potassium 2.9
Silica 15.2
Sodium 141
Strontium 4.666
Alkalinity 84
Hardness 820
pH 7.6
TDS 1400
Turbidity 0.7
Chloride 6.7
Sulfate 900

Coliform Absent
Iron Reducing Bacteria 9,000 cfu/mL
Slime Bacteria 500 cfu/mL
Sulfur Reducing Bacteria Absent
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