New shower drain offset from original p-trap in basement

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Hello all, new guy here. I've gotten lots of good info from this forum before registering, just from searching, so thanks for all that!

I have a remodel ongoing where I have set the shower pan on the main level and the drain hole is offset from the existing p-trap in the basement. The plumbing fittings on the existing vent strack and p-trap are so close together that I'm unable to move the trap unless I cut into the vertical pipe going into the slab below (in the basement). I want to know if it's acceptable to connect the shower pan drain to the p-trap using 2 45 degree fittings. I understand one concern might be build-up of gunk/smell in this section above the trap but other than that, is this something a potential future buyer (or their inspector) would raise as a concern? pics below in the link (too large to upload)

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