How to run supply line under existing slab

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Hi all,

my very first post here, so apologies if I am doing something wrong.

I am doing new construction house for my family just outside Austin, TX in Bastrop county. I have hired plumber to lay out plumbing that goes below slab before concrete is poured. They have done drain plumbing more or less correctly, but for the supply line he has misread plans and brought supply line through slab in front porch, outside of the house. :mad: And he has discovered his mistake only after concrete was already poured, framers have already done their part and house is ready for top out plumbing.

Other then firing him for any future projects and hiring new plumber, I wanted to get your opinion on what are my options now?

Can supply line be brought in above slab through house side wall? Or do I have to drill/cut through slab? Or is there another option I am not aware of?


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Some places require a cover of 6 inches above the frost level. Where I'm at in the Seattle area they want 24" of cover over a water line, in Idaho I believe it's five feet.
When I go to California, I've seen water lines enter the side of the home about 24" above the ground. They must not be worried about freezing there.
I did hear about the freeze that Texas had last Winter and the problems that caused. I tried to find something about plumbing for your county, and so far I'm coming up with nothing.

You could cut the poured concrete slab, drill through or under the foundation, and then bring it up inside.
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