Connecting outdoor sink to bathtub drain in slab

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Hello everyone,

First off, I am in Arizona and my house is on a slab with plumbing running in/under the slab.

Looking for some advice on if this is even feasible. I've just removed our cement patio in preparation for pavers and was wondering if I would be able to run a drain line for an outdoor sink about 20 feet away. My hope was to connect the drain to a bathtub drain that is on an exterior wall. There is a cleanout on this outside wall and it appears the drain goes down to about the bottom of the slab. I've dug down in hopes the drain went through the bottom of the slab footing so I could tie in there but it looks like it must take a 90 near the bottom of the slab some other direction.

I guess my question is how would a plumber tie into sewage for an outdoor sink? Can I chip away at the slab/footing to expose the bottom of this bathtub drain? Here's some pictures of where I am at so far.



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