How to I remove this tower drain?

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Hello everybody,

So I have a clog in my tub drain and am perplexed as to how to remove the stop so I can snake it. I have what I believe is called a tower or standing waste drain. There is a knob in the tub that actuates an arm attached to a cylinder that blocks the drain when it is lowered. The tower and the arm are located in the wall behind the tub that is accessed through a removable panel. The house was built in 1929, and I think this is the original plumbing. My issue is that when I detach the arm from the knob and the arm from the cylindrical stop, I am unable to pull the stop up and out of the tube because of a pipe that is in the way. I am thinking that if I can remove the shaft and the tube the knob attaches to, I may be able to pull the stop up and out between the pipe that's giving me trouble and back of the tub. I don't know how to remove this shaft that the knob attaches to though and am extremely hesitant to try without knowing exactly how because I am sure these parts are impossible to get if I break anything. Please see the attached pictures. I would be really grateful if anyone here had encountered something like this before and could give me some advice.


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