1. R

    Applying IPC 2012 Section 917 - Single Stack Vent

    Can you all show me how IPC section 917 on single stack vents could be used for two bathrooms (tub, toilet, lav) that are stacked on top of one another (first floor, second floor). My appreciation is that the code generally doesn't allow toilets to be in a vertical stack, but that you can have...
  2. S

    Kentucky Residential Plumbing System - Which is better?

    Which of the three options is best in a Kentucky residential DWV system? I like Option D because it doesn't go into the headspace of the basement so bad. This is to fix a system that was done in 1948, I am stuck with where the vent pipes stub out so I am working towards them.
  3. N

    Unnecessary Vent?

    Hi, I'm remodeling a bathroom and i would like to correct some issues with the current plumbing at the same time. Please excuse my crude drawings hopefully you can understand what's going on. This is what the plumbing looks like right now, I'm going to add a vent to the tub which is currently...
  4. S

    Moving a toilet, Is this Legit?

    Not a lengthy explanation. I want to move a toilet a few feet from current location and tie it into the vertical soil stack. The main vent stack is about 4 feet from new location. I just want to know if these are the fittings I should use. Cut section of vertical out. Add 4x4x3 wye. Glue in a...
  5. Mr Blint

    If a laundry sink in the basement has a 1-1/2 inch drain that tees into a 4" waste vent below floor level, can water be siphoned from the sink trap?

    Our late 1940s laundry sink in the basement has a 1-1/2 inch drain pipe that runs about 8' and then drops vertically into the concrete floor; below the floor surface the sink drain pipe connects to the 4-inch main waste stack. Is that enough venting to prevent a siphoning effect empting water...
  6. G

    Venting Bathroom Addition

    I am currently adding new DWV plumbing for new fixtures to extend a master bathroom space located on the second story. The new addition consists of a soaker tub located under and exterior window between two lavs. All fixtures are located on an exterior wall. I am trying to figure the easiest way...
  7. A

    Venting for 1st floor toilet on slab foundation

    I am remodeling my house, and since all the walls are open I decided to repipe my plumbing. I noticed that a few of the ABS vent lines are leaking when it rains, so I was thinking about redoing the sections that are leaking. My question is regarding the first floor bathroom, and how the toilet...
  8. Patflemming

    Tying into existing drain line - Venting question

    I am trying into a bath and lav drain line and installing a diverter valve to allow me to choose between sending water towards the sewer or to my grey water system. I want to make sure I am choosing the proper location to tie into. I'm thinking of installing the valve after the bath/shower and...
  9. M

    Tie water heater drain pan into utility sink standpipe?

    Hello all, first time here... Doing a basement remodel and the boss (wife ) has requested a new laundry room. I'm moving the washer and dryer to make the setup more useful, and raising the floor to match the height of the existing finished floor. I've removed the water heater to get the...
  10. Capt. Skinny

    Proposed shared vent configuration: toilet + tub

    Toilet flushes in one particular bathroom always try their best to suck nearby traps dry. Now that I'm renovating that bathroom I want to take the opportunity to install proper venting. The attached files show the existing configuration, and my (incomplete) proposed changes. My questions are...
  11. C

    Upstairs bathroom to downstairs kitchen sink

    Greetings, DIY plumber here getting ready for a rough in inspection in Missouri. I just wanted to make sure this will pass? It’s an upstairs bathroom sink draining to a downstairs kitchen sink drain through the foundation with the kitchen sink vent above. All 2” PVC. I really appreciate...
  12. Z

    Under sink vent not venting

    I put two different types of undersink vents on this line. Neither one allows the sinks to drain quickly. I was beginning to think I had a blockage somewhere down the line, until I unscrewed the vent. I filled the sink and it drained in seconds. This is the second undersink vent I installed and...
  13. T

    Is this correctly vented?

    Hello, Please tell me if this WH is vented correctly.
  14. M

    New Home Basement Bathroom Plumbing

    I'm installing a basement bathroom group in a new home and have a few questions based on the attached basement plumbing layout. 1. Do I need a vent closer to the WC? If yes, how close? What is the code? 2. Is 1/8" pitch enough for a 3" line to a lift pump basket 60' away? That's about 7 1/2"...
  15. C

    Basement wet bar drain options.

    Total amateur plumber here and I'm looking to make sure I have all my bases covered before drywall goes in. The space where the photo is taken will not be finished for some time, if ever, but I want to make sure I'm on the right track before I finish the drywall in the other room where the wet...
  16. GTADiyer

    Help identifying vents + basement plumbing question

    Hi everyone - I'm the planning process of a basement renovation (reside in Ontario, Canada) I am trying to determine if location is okay to for a toilet, shower and sink. My first question is regard to venting. The 1st picture (with the T-fitting) comes from laundry room where it drains...
  17. PhilT

    Feedback on venting

    I am currently designing a DWV system for a small cabin and, since I'm new to this, I would like feedback on the approach. I'm in the boonies so no inspection is required but still want to make sure I follow best practices. I made a mockup of the bathroom group (shower, WC and lav) with my...
  18. MAYOR

    Basement Plumbing Venting.

    Hello, Basement bathroom setup under concrete. Please see sketch. Will the 2" vanity sink wet vent be ok to vent toilet and shower as shown. Thank you Mayor Please see sketch.
  19. Bling

    Bathroom addition help

    Hello, I am new to the forum and was hoping for some advice with drains for a bathroom addition in a half story of a cape. I am located in MA which has its own plumbing code (but is similar to UPC). Some of the challenging conditions are: 1. the ceiling is sloped (with a clipped gable) which...
  20. MarktheRed

    Venting Tie-In - Dumb Question

    Hi Experts. Doing a remodel in my basement and have a question as to the best tie-in a vent from a new laundry area to the existing vent stack. This horizontal vent will ONLY be for venting and I have some concerns about using a double wye as it will create a trap for the sewer gases in the...
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