1. Joe B

    State of the Tankless Market, 2024 Edition

    For those experienced with tankless boilers, who has the highest quality product out there these days? Lochinvar? Bosch? Reem? Navien? I'm curious about some of the lesser-known high quality manufacturers too. Who's got the best boiler on the market that can do both hydronic heating and DHW...
  2. Joe B

    Navien CH-240 siphon hose leak, gas smell

    Hi everyone, Could a leaking siphon tube also result in gas escaping from a Navien CH-240 boiler? I know - Naviens are fussy. But my CH-240 from back in 2010 has been humming along until just the other day. I found that it has begun leaking from the top of the "siphon hose" where it connects...
  3. Alex Frost

    Boiler/Tankless Options

    Hi, I am looking for some advice/suggestions to replace my oil boiler (with either another oil version or propane). However, I have mini splits that can work down to -15F so I plan on using them for most of the winter and only use boiler as backup (if and when needed). My heat loss is about...
  4. J

    New Navien Tankless. Cold line feels hot and hot line feels cold.

    I hired a plumber to install a Navien 240a2. When I run the hot water in one my showers or faucets and then inspect the unit, the line labeled "HOT" feels cold and the line labeled "COLD" feels hot to the touch. The red valve is connected to a terminal that is labeled HOT The showers and...
  5. B

    Navien NPE2040A2 control

    Hi. We are deploying a number of the NPE-240A2 units and we were hoping to have the control by 30022717B(remote physical switch) as well as Navilink. We see the ability to have (2) 30022717B installed in parallel but not the option to have one 30022717B and one Navilink on the same NPE-240A2...
  6. Dappropsllc

    Do indoor tankless water heater prone to freeze?

    For indoor tankless waler heater, does it need insulation?
  7. TheOverThinker

    Mixed gas pipe size and BTU/Hour

    Is there an accepted/reliable method of calculating expected gas flow for mixed diameter gas pipe? For example * 40 feet of 1", then 40' of 3/4" * 40 feet of 3/4" then 40' of 1" Would the second be limited only by the first run, e.g. 170,000 BTU/Hour?
  8. Notshure

    Takagi T-H3J-OS-P (Outdoor) second hand, where to install 120v?

    Received heater from someone who installed it above altitude max. Had error codes. Gift yeah:/. looking at instruction manual shows simple electrical install. now, this looks like a bottom junction box with two wire nuts to secure 120v +ground. There are not any wires available on mine...
  9. TheOverThinker

    Single Shower Tankless for 3/4" Existing Gas Connection? Small apartment tankless?

    Is there an available low BTU tankless or hybrid tank/tankless unit suitable for retrofit applications in apartments, with existing 3/4" gas service? These apartments typically have a single bath with a single shower, and then a kitchen sink. Maybe a dishwasher (which could be plumbed to...
  10. NapaProject

    Takagi error code 111

    Hi I have a T-K3 tankless heater using LP gas (no remote). It is in a vacation home mounted outside (recessed box) so gets relatively little use (in Napa, CA so mild winters). Hadn’t used it in while 3-4 months. When I turned on the hot water tap, it would fire up and produce hot water (and hot...
  11. TheOverThinker

    What threading is the Takagi filter - need to flush via it - TK-03-os

    I have a standard Takagi TK-03-os ( https://www.takagi.com/media/48120/T-K3-OS.pdf ) tankless unit. I'd like to flush it, but there's no cleanout or valves. However, I can do this if I can adapt and screw into the filter port. Anyone done this, and know the size and threading of that port...
  12. Roland

    Hydro Air, zones and tankless sizing...

    Hello.. I'm considering replacing multiple gas furnaces, which provide zoned heat, with a hydro-air system. My question is: If I have multiple air handlers (one handler per zone), can I use a single tankless "boiler" to feed all the air handlers? The concern is that all the zones will not be...
  13. Nhandojo

    Rinnai I-series tankless combi intermittent E430

    Hello, I have a fairly new (~8 months old) Rinnai that just recently started throwing E430 (low/high water pressure error). This happens intermittently when there's a demand for DHW or CH. It can be reset and the unit would work again for a few hours and then would error out again when there's...
  14. Izabella

    "Point of Use" or "Whole House Tankless"?

    I am renovating a new one bedroom, one bathroom home. It is 900 square feet in size, so space is at a premium. It means we won't be able to use the conventional big tank heater. Because we don't have gas, we'll need electricity ...and one Whole House Tankless or three Point of Use heaters in the...
  15. Benjamin

    Navien Recirculation Motion Sensor

    Hello everybody, I thought I’d share with you all how my hot water recirculation project is going. For the water heater I have a Navien-240A. For accessories I got the Hotbutton kit and two Navicirc thermal bypass valves. I set DIP switch #2 “ON” for external recirculation. I set Perameter...
  16. monkey1

    New Tankless gas water heater no flame, how to fix?

    New generic Chinese Ebay Tankless gas water heater no flame. I tried blowing and sucking on the gas inlet with my mouth and manually turn on the micro switch but couldn't blow through. New battery. Good pressure. When I manually open the micro switch, I see the ignition sparks. I also hear the...
  17. monkey1

    Tankless hot water heater related questions

    I am replacing my tankless HWH soon. I have a few questions related to the new unit. 1. My municipality provides 7 CW natural gas pressure for my residential line. If I buy a tankless HWH that is rated for 8 CW, will it run? 2. How often do I REALLY need to descale the tankless HWH with white...
  18. SeaBee Carlos

    Cover for tankless

    Need some input and advice for placing tankless water heater outside. Need to move 40 gal water heater out of closet in bedroom upstairs. Plan is to build a new closet as well as a mechanical room outside of master bedroom(downstairs). Mechanical room to be accessed from outside and enough space...
  19. Jim Em

    Surging Hot/Cold Electric Tankless Water Heater

    Recently I bought a electric tankless water heater, I have a hot/cold surging problem. PLEASE NOTE: this is an ELECTRIC TANKLESS SYSTEM. The system uses well water. OK, the inner workings of the heater There is no way to set the temperature There is no digital display on the heater It is a...
  20. Will Nicholson

    Tankless and Recirculation in two directions

    Hi all, I'm in the final stages of building my own home in Bowie, Texas, and I have an opportunity to plumb the house with hot water recirculation lines, but I have a question about that. My water heater (propane tankless -- I'm open to suggestions) will be located in a room in the corner of...
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