1. T

    Moen Shower Faucet flow question

    I have a Adler Moen shower faucet. I just replaced the cartridge and set the scald guard to 12 o'clock (hopefully off). We have not been getting super hot water even though the DHW is set to 140. Thinking to test my scald settings, I left the cold water intake valve turned off and just turned...
  2. N

    Help removing an older moen shower handle

    Hi all. Any idea how to remove an older Moen shower handle? Picture attached. Thanks!
  3. D

    Running out of Cold Water in 4 minutes -Moen Posi-Temp Valve

    Recently had two showers remodeled in house. Purchased Moen Commercial Posi-temp Pressure Balancing Shower valve w stops 1/2 inch sweet c connections & 1/4 turn stops and Moen Shower Brass 3-function shower transfer valve. Once the showers were finished we are having an issue with the waster...
  4. K

    Old moen shower needed!

    I am in the process of updating my bathroom. I took apart the shower trim, threw it out, and have found myself to be in a bind! After a bit of research, I was able to identify the old valve as a MOEN. After reading a bunch of forums on this site, I am starting to feel like there is light at...
  5. Jtreegs

    Moen(?) Valve

    House was built in the 90s and I believe this is original. Handle that was removed was Moen but this valve has no markings. Assuming its Moen but doesn't look like any of the Moen valves I've seen online. Can anyone identify this valve/cartridge?
  6. Terry

    Moen cartridges for replacement

    Moen cartridges for replacement
  7. Oyiwaa

    Moen Posi-Temp Shower Head Dripping

    Hello: I am new here. Thanks very much for an informative forum. My existing shower head is dripping quite a bit. The drip-drip-drip gets so noicy that I have to place the entire shower head in a bucket (see image gallery) just to be able to cope. And the bucket fills up quickly too. I have...
  8. Reesa

    MOEN shower valve identification

    I have been working on this shower for a long time and am completely stuck on the purchase of a new faucet/trim kit. I threw away the old hardware already which I will never ever do again. Please help. Is this the MOEN 2400? I have already purchased a 1200 replacement cartridge that I think...
  9. Seany678

    Moen 2400, Can't figure out what model Moen shower valve etc. Threw out hardware stupidly

    Hi Folks, Just created a new profile to see if I could some help with an issue me and my wife are having. We are remodeling a bathroom in our older home and stupidly threw away our shower handle plate and hardware as well as the faucet thinking we could replace it with ease. We have learned the...
  10. Whitall

    Another Moen retaining clip thread!

    Hoping a new post brings fresh ideas. I have a 25 year old Moen positemp bathtub /shower faucet. It's been dripping for years so I finally decided to tackle it. I had waited because there's no shut off valve and I was afraid to shut off the whole house in case I screwed it up. Got my cartridge...
  11. Terry

    Moen Ravenna 1956 Catalog, 20B, 22B, 23B

    Moen Valve Company, a division of Ravenna Metal Products Corporation 6518 Ravenna Avenue, Seattle 15, Washington The original Single Handle Mixing Faucet Models include: 20B, 200B, 22B, 21B, 32C, 23B, 24B,
  12. Ryan kennedy

    Old moen vertical spa won’t budge

    Hello all, just bought a house that has an old Moen vertical spa (I think it’s the 3320 with the Kingsley Moentrol 263 trim from before ‘07) I’ve been fixing some other plumbing in the house and noticed this is leaking now, I can’t easily get to the wall behind the unit and I cannot for the life...
  13. Rebecca Huss

    Reduced hot water flow in Moen single push/pull knob tub & shower

    Hello, Hoping someone can lend some advice. We just bought an older house - built in 1975. There is a single handle push/pull Moen tub/shower combo in the master bath. The sink (which is close to the plumbing for the shower, runs beautifully). When the knob is turned to the hot water side...
  14. Tuttles Revenge

    Moen M-Core

    U140CIS Has anyone seen or installed the new Moen tub/shower rough in valves? They look a lot like a Delta Universal valve.. Can't tell from the instructions whether they have mounting hardware like the R10000.
  15. Terry

    Moen ShowHouse Felicity ExactTemp tub shower valve

    Does anyone know what valve this is?
  16. Caccaco

    Single handle Moen (shower only) has slow leak from pipe out of wall

    I am using very technical terms here but have pictures to better explain it. Our Moen shower fixture is leaking. I took off the shower head to see if it leaks directly from the wall and it does: Its a slow but very steady drip and over the past couple of weeks has been increasing in speed...

    Moen tub spout impedes flow

    I purchased a Moen kit to replace everything in my shower. The previous parts were old and corroded causing the tub spout to leak significantly. Now that I have installed the kit (though not the handle yet) the tub spout is not exactly perfect. While it no longer leaks during a shower, the...
  18. Casey M

    Moen 1200 Cartridge Issue

    So this morning I replaced the Moen 1200 cartridge in my shower. Now when I tested it, my hot water pressure is good, my cold water pressure is good as well but when I have the knob set in the middle the pressure is low. Is the cartridge defective or did I do something wrong and there's an...
  19. Nikole Thomas

    Moen valve identification help!

    Will someone please help me identify this Moen shower/tub valve?
  20. Camarsh

    Wanting to replace Moen Shower Trim Kit. No clue what I'm really doing.

    I'm trying to do something nice for my dad and update his shower fixtures. I know it's a Moen kit that is currently on it and I know I have to stick with Moen. But I've never really messed with anything like this before. My question is, how do I determine which model I need to get? I have...
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