laundry sink

  1. I

    Laundry sink waste into standpipe

    I'm located in New Jersey and would like to add a laundry sink beside my basement laundry machines and understand that it might be possible for the waste to be tied into the existing standpipe. Since the horizontal 2" pipe sits at around 28" from the floor (and I assume the waste for most...
  2. S

    Utility Sink Rough in Drain and water lines.

    Hey There, Working on remodeling my laundry room and would like to install a utility sink. Opened up my wall and observed the following: A 2” Washer drain pipe starting from the far left stud then attaching to a Sanitary-T to a 2” vent pipe that turns into what I think is called a Wet-Vent...
  3. Stratosproject

    Laundry sink install

    EDITED*** initial post updated and irrelevant plan removed... If that's a no-no please let me know! Just trying to keep the post relevant to anyone reading now or in the future. Per the previous, I am attempting to install a laundry sink next to my washing machine and still keep the standpipe...
  4. HereToLearn

    Laundry Sink Slowdown - My White Whale

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank all the men and women who post here for their insights, trade secrets, suggestions etc. I am a first time poster, long time lurker and I feel like I've learned a lot but wanted to consult the experts before I get myself divorced over a partially clogged...
  5. DIYdidyoudothat

    Adding laundry sink next to washer, can I share the drain and vent?

    Hello, i want to install a vanity sink unit from Costco to the left of our washer and dryer. These photos were taken pre-drywall but the home is finished and inhabited now so the less cutting into drywall the better. Can I tap the utility sink's drain into the vertical pipe, either below or...
  6. Stephen Silver

    AAV on a laundry sink pump

    Can I use an AAV on a laundry sink ejection pump? Just to be clear, this handles gray water only.
  7. anders6307

    Laundry Sink and Washing Machine vent/drain

    Full disclosure: newbie here. I'm relocating my laundry sink + washer/dryer to a different wall in my basement. I've laid out my rough in of what I plan to do in the attached picture. I don't have specific dimensions yet, but other than the top of the standpipe needing to be above the top...
  8. David in Va

    Is this drain hookup for laundry sink and stand pipe OK?

    I have a laundry sink with 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe that hooks about two feet over to a sanitary T fitting (lower end to 2 inch drain pipe in basement floor, PVC 2 inch vent goes up to the roof - the vent also serves, through take-offs higher up, a shower drain and I believe also a toilet drain...
  9. thejonr

    Adding a sink to laundry room, up to code

    Hey all. Relatively new to plumbing and have been learning a lot reading through past threads on here. I decided to add a sink to my laundry room and in doing so, wanted to make sure everything that had been done by the previous owner was up to code, from the looks of it, it's not. The goal is...
  10. 237user

    Shutting off water to laundry sink?

    Hi I am attempting to replace faucet for the laundry tub in the basement as the current one is falling apart. However, after shutting off the water main supply valve, the laundry faucet does not stop flowing water in both cold and hot. Water is stopped everywhere else as it should be and I...
  11. Rumblefish

    Washing machine stinks of rotten eggs when running

    I know this has been brought up numerous times before, but I thought I'd ask anyway since there are a few things that might be unique to my situation. BTW, in Los Angeles, Calif. Our 30 plus yr old washer finally died. It was a good old Maytag. I knew of a local business with a good reputation...
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