Washing machine stinks of rotten eggs when running

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Los Angeles, Calif.
I know this has been brought up numerous times before, but I thought I'd ask anyway since there are a few things that might be unique to my situation. BTW, in Los Angeles, Calif. Our 30 plus yr old washer finally died. It was a good old Maytag. I knew of a local business with a good reputation and high references that refurbish major appliances, so I bought a used, COMMERCIAL GRADE washer. Top loader. When we first got it going, the drain pipe in the wall could not handle the flow of water. It handled the previous washer just fine. I suspect that the Commercial Grade unit pumps out more volume than a regular residential unit. I capped off that drain pipe and ran the drain hose into the laundry sink right next to the unit, just like the olden days. Well, almost every time that I use this unit, I get that much talked about rotten egg smell. The hose comes out of the washer at the bottom and the end in the laundry sink is higher than the outlet, as it seems to me, it should be. Could it be because commercial washers are not set up to have some type of trap as residential units do? I recall that whenever I had to use a laundromat, I would always smell the same at most of them. Thank you. BTW, my parents built the house in 1967.
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