garbage disposal

  1. pkirkovsky

    Double sink, disposal, dishwasher, 70s house - was this done correctly?

    Hello! Our kitchen sink recently developed a small drain leak due to old & cracking fittings, and I'd like to do an overhaul. After looking at some posts about this setup, I am starting to wonder whether the plumbing was done correctly when the house was built. Based on other posts it seems...
  2. DIYdaisy90

    Kitchen Sink Plumbing

    Prior to moving into our house last year my husband re-ran all of the water and drain lines and hooked up our dishwasher / garbage disposal / sink drains. Since we moved in every few months we have had horrible smells coming from first the dishwasher and now the sink. Eventually, I starting...
  3. Bhavdeep

    Double sink backing up after replacing garbage disposal

    Hi - I am running into a situation that many of you have run into before but I could not find the best solution to it after searching through these forums and also googling other options for over a day. My garbage disposal in the kitchen sink stopped working after 15 years and I just replaced it...
  4. CodeMaster

    Garbage disposal in single bowl sink - too close to drain line

    Hi there, This is my first post here and I'm hopping someone can help me figure this out (I'm loosing sleep over it for 3 days already :confused: ) I replaced my sink as part of a kitchen remodel. I Went from a shallow double bowl sink to a single bowl 10 inches deep. To make matters worse...
  5. markskovorodko

    Acceptable Double Sink Garbage Disposal/P Trap Config?

    Hi all, I'm a few weeks out from installing a new sink base cabinet, double basin sink, and garbage disposal (to be located on the right sink basin). We just had a plumber rough in new supply and drain lines as we're moving the sink to a new location in the kitchen. The plumber installed new...
  6. idreos

    Advice needed on temporary removal of Insinkerator garbage disposal

    I have to install a new kitchen faucet in a tight space but cannot do so without temporarily removing an existing Insinkerator 500 garbage disposal. Will this removal and reattachment be relatively easy to do or present possible difficulties. Thanks for your help!
  7. Megan Richardson

    Garbage disposal connection is short

    Hi there- Im hoping someone can help direct me to the right tool to solve what looks like an easy fix. Apologies I don’t know the right lingo. The main drain pipe on my garbage disposal is too short so there is leak when water goes into the pvc elbow pipe. There is a teeny gap. It only leaks...
  8. Nick at 940

    Sink PVC re-arrange to fit garbage disposal

    I am tackling the task of installing a garbage disposal in my kitchen sink. As I neared the end (mounting the actual unit), I discovered it will not fit with the current PVC arrangement I have underneath the sink. Can anyone shoot me some advice for how to configure and what I will need to get...
  9. Charles John

    Why not a commercial garbage disposal?

    Hi, I came to the USA from India some years back. I never had a garbage disposal back home, I think they are mostly used in the USA only. Anyway, I am planning to buy one and did some product research online. I was wondering what the differences between a commercial and a household garbage...
  10. JoeyDYI80

    Need help with new sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and installed new sink double sink which is about 3" deeper than old and drains offset. Also purchased new garbage disposal. With my old sink my disposal was on left side and drains centered. I started to install new disposable on right side and ran into an issue. Seems...
  11. Saratonin

    Apartment AC drain line, washer, kitchen sink all backed up.

    It seems as though in my first floor apartment the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal are all connected as they should be. However, the kitchen sink (double sink) began backing up terribly. If I run the garbage disposal it empties one side of the sink into the other. I took apart all...
  12. yafengc

    Garbage disposal plumbing under two sinks

    It seems that the plumber did the wrong installation my new garbage disposal. So when I turned on garbage disposal, the water overflow to anther sink. Should I follow the right installation from the link...
  13. DIYJoe59

    Outlet for garbage disposal has power but switch won't turn it off

    My installed disposal stopped working. I unplugged it and plugged it back into the outlet (top one) that is wired for it, and it worked but then the switch (which is above the counter) didn't turn it off. I'd reset the unit and the circuit breakers. Tried again to unplug and plug it in--same...
  14. MadelineD

    Double Kitchen Sink. Rt Side without Garbage Disposal never drains

    Installation gone wrong. Right-side sink has never drained properly. Does it need to have a straight pipe down to the p-trap, or should I move the Garbage Disposal. to the right, or maybe put a T into the garbage disposal to share with the Dishwasher?
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