1. Trettini

    Furnace Behaving Weird

    Dear plumbing gurus Please help figure out the issue. My 1 yo furnace just stopped producing heat and me and the child are freezing in the apartment. 1. The furnace doesn’t react to the thermostat adjustments any more. Before the issue, the thermostat was programmed, but if I needed to hike...
  2. Margarett

    WH back drafts when the furnace is on at the same time

    Sorry for the long post, but I don’t want to leave anything important out. Over the weekend, I noticed that our hot water heater back drafts when the furnace is on at the same time. They both vent together to the chimney. Please see attached pictures. The WH (40 gallon – 40,000BTU input) is 4...
  3. Atimu

    Very Confusing Furnace: No Signs Of Life

    Hi, I have a 10 year old Lennox furnace that stopped working overnight. Tried swapping thermostat with an identical functional one, nothing. Green led on board does not light up at all. It is getting 109 volts at the control board but the moment you plug in the 24v transformer, it drops to 0.1...
  4. Girafdaniels

    Venting/BackDraft on Rheem Water Heater?

    My carbon monoxide detector went off recently, so I had the gas company out to test levels at our only gas appliances -- 38000 BTU Rheem* water heater and 80% efficient 88000 BTU furnace sharing flue venting. The gas company measured 45 ppm CO at the top of the unit when it was kicked on (and...
  5. doublehorn

    Nordyne / Frigidaire high limit sensor replacement?

    OK all, I have a 2007 Frigidaire furnace that started throwing a 4 blink code, which indicates an open high limit switch according to the manual. So I pulled that switch, measured about 4 ohms of resistance at room temperature, so that all checks out so far. I ordered a new one from Nordyne...
  6. Chevsky

    Rollout switch trips

    Nearing desperation with a furnace that's tripping flame rollout sensor. ICS/ComfortMaker RPJ-II LP gas furnace. Well, it's working now, but that's only after I tore down the furnace to inspect the heat-exchanger for cracks, removed and cleaned the blower cage fan, and disassembled and...
  7. Chevsky

    Design upgrade: two hybrid LP gas furnace + heat pump

    Hi everyone, Long time, first time :) This is about upgrading an <80% LP gas furnace and AC to a 92+ and heat pump (HP). One of my current LP furnaces needs replacing soon, so work is inevitable. Designing an upgrade. Two systems, dual fuel/hybrid-- Propane furnace coupled to a heat pump...
  8. LarryLeveen

    Small Holes in Gas Furnace and Water Heater Exhaust Pipes

    I was surprised to see a small hole in each of the exhaust pipes for the gas furnace and water heater in my new-to-me house. Is there any reason why there would be a hole in an exhaust pipe like this? I certainly have never heard of one. They almost look intentional — or accidental but...
  9. Terry

    Clean the air Naturally

    I helped on this video to explain a new technology being used to clean inside air. I installed this in my furnace and immediately noticed that the air inside was cleaner and we no longer saw dust particles hanging in the air normally visible in the sunlight coming in through the windows. Now I...
  10. garyham

    Furnace doesn’t work with fan it auto

    My furnace stopped working a few days back. Troubleshooting I found it worked when I switched the fan to “on” position. (It’s in heating mode). With fan in “auto” I hear a soft hum but it does not ever try and cycle on. I replaced the capacitor thinking this might be the culprit, no change...
  11. BMC1995

    Flame sensor on Peerless Furnace

    Hi, My Peerless furnace keeps cycling on and off. I believe it is due to a dirty flame sensor, but am unable to locate the sensor. I have the model MCB 097. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. LawdElpus

    CPVC for venting EXHAUST oh no you didn't!

    4 story condo. Built in 2005. All the exhaust vents for WH and Furnace are CPVC and some are turning brown. WH installer refused to hook up new one until the CPVC gets replaced. It sounds like even PVC will be a no-no soon. 2 families are suing over CO deaths attributed to CPVC. We have to RIP...
  13. Scott Baz

    Wiring help with thermostat and condensor

    I removed old thermostat and only had a 2/22 wire red/white (I have ran a new 5/22 wire) Looked at furnace wiring and have 2 black wires from Fan limit switch (one on 24vac transformer other on gas valve terminal) White wire to thermostat on other gas valve lug, then red wire from thermostat to...
  14. Michael Harner

    Replacing Baxi Luna 310 with Viessmann 35 Combi

    My baseboards produce 75,000 BTU using 1660 per foot. Three contractors all want to use Viessmann. What negotiating points can I ask for? I'm keeping my two thermostats. How many annual free maintenance calls are reasonable? Isn't $6900 quite high using existing plumbing and gas lines? What...
  15. willard f

    Lennox Furnace Condensate Trap Leak - Need help

    Hello, I have a Lennox G51MP Furnace. I recently noticed the condensate trap is leaking. I am pretty sure it is Lennox drain trap Cat # : 61M35 | Model/Part #: LB-96382A. The leak (just a slight but constant drip) is located where the pvc meets the trap's drain stub (at least that what I think...
  16. johnboy585

    Danby Oil Furnaces

    Hello, I am in need of a new oil furnace and came across a Danby KLR-100 which does not have the high efficiency condensing feature. I read that the condensing ones are trouble. I cannot find hardly any user reviews on this brand. I presently have a 24 year old Airco that has a leaky heat...
  17. Vinmassaro

    Reducing negative house pressure?

    I purchased a home from 1958 a few years ago and it underwent a major renovation (all new windows and doors, main level ceiling torn down and reinsulated). The house is a split level with two fireplaces, one upstairs and one downstairs, with separate flues. The first time I lit the upstairs...
  18. Jered S

    Basement cold air return

    I have a new finished basement that has plenty of supply air ducts on the ceiling. The return air duct is also on the ceiling. I question this. It makes sense to me to have the cold air return duct on the floor as to pull the cool air off the floor and draw the warm air down off the ceiling...
  19. LarryLeveen

    Patch or Replace Plenum

    Helping a friend who has a 1-foot hole in the plenum of her forced air heating system. I haven't been under the house, but a few estimators have for rodent invasion and crawl space cleanout/vapor barrier replacement and re-insulation (both are trashed). UPDATE -- here are two pix I was sent by...
  20. QC91

    Help in Picking Replacement Central HVAC system

    Hi, need Help in picking replacement Central HVAC system for our house the Square footage of the home is 1,990, and the zip code is 94520 for our climate we get 80, 90, and low 100 degrees in the summer, in the winter we get upper 30 to 40 degrees at night our home doesn't have good insulation...
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