1. TinTweak

    Opinions on AFWFilters

    Anyone have any experience with AFWFilters? I'm looking at the AFWFilters 56SXT-10% Combo Package specifically. https://store.afwfilters.com/packag...ith-upflow-filter-10-resin-with-carbon-black/ Any opinions? Who do you prefer that sells Fleck valve controls?
  2. Max Pinton

    Air in water after regeneration

    Hello. I have a little plumbing mystery. I share a well with a neighbor who has a greensand filter to remove iron and manganese and then pumps it into a 300 gallon tank in my garage. I have a 240v Grundfos MQ3-45 Mark III to pump it from there through a 20" big blue filter, a Fleck 5600SXT 32k...
  3. OtherFWord

    Help Selecting Water Softener System

    I am looking to replace my gold series Culligan with something else. I am leaning towards Fleck but open to other options. Culligan came out and recommended to replace my current with an HE1 10". The pricing was just outrageous. I have been looking at the Fleck 5600SXT, 5810SXT and the 5810...
  4. J. Walter Weatherman

    Fleck 5600SXT Programming Advice

    Hi all, I recently had a Fleck 5600SXT 48k unit installed. The system is currently being used to clean up well water, which contains a small amount of iron / manganese. I am familiar with the concept of salt efficiency, and considerations related to iron, resin and regular backwash, but am...
  5. MN Rez

    Fleck 5810 vs clack ws1

    I am sure I am going to get a mix of answers for this question. Does anyone have any preference or suggestions on choosing between a clack ws1 or a fleck 5810 softener system? 5 person family, City water, 17 gpg hardness. Any help appreciated.
  6. J.A.R.V.I.S.

    Need Help Selecting a Softener & Iron Removal System. Fleck 2510 vs 5900 vs Water-Right Impression?

    I came across this forum while researching water treatment options, and it looks like a great resource for home issues. Bookmarked! I just moved into a new-t0-us house (2005) with well water that needs to be addressed. Currently it just has a basic sediment filter, and a Clearwave electronic...
  7. Rsk shc

    Autotrol valve and switching to fleck 5600sxt

    I have an autotrol valve installed right now with inlet on the left side. I am not sure if that is correct but the valve broke anyway. This system was working good softening the water. My main shut off and water heater are on the left side, if I face the softener. I want to install this fleck...
  8. John19

    How to determine what size Fleck softener is needed

    I've read good reviews on the Fleck water softeners, but I'm totally in the dark on what size to get... specially since I would have to install it myself, etc. I hope to get our water tested Monday, so I'll know more then.. We have 7 ppl in our family atm. Is there a chart somewhere that could...
  9. TSummit

    Low Water Pressure From Softener...

    Hello, I recently had to replace a pressure tank at our place. the well and water was shut off for about 24 hours. I replaced pressure tank, and turned well pump and water back on to house. I had about 50% less pressure than before. I made sure it wasn't pressure tank and did a few tests etc. I...
  10. Thev Raj

    Fleck 5810 SXT settings help - New to water softeners

    Hello, I would appreciate if you could please provide some assistance is verifying and helping me fine tune the Fleck 5810 SXT water softener I have installed. Last time I checked my water softener, I noticed that not much brine was filled (very low) and the water wasn't getting softened enough...
  11. Stephen Lowe

    Need to Verify what Softener Head I have

    I have an older softener system that is now leaking from the cylinder/cylinder seals. I believe it is a Fleck 2510, but there are no descriptive markings on it that says that. The only markings are: SN: 193360-001.000-0002C00 and P/N 40278. Can anyone out there look at this info and the...
  12. WaterN1nja

    48k 5600SXT Settings?

    Hey, Just purchased a 48k 5600SXT system and have been reading some of the other settings posts and trying to make sense of them. Should I go lower on the C and BF? Raise the DO? Also, I put 4 gal of water in the brine tank with 4 bags of salt. Was that too much water? Thank you Municipal...
  13. Torque

    Fleck 9100SXT - Flow Indicator Intermittently Blinking

    I have a Fleck 9100SXT Metered Dual Tank Softener - 64,000 Grain per tank. The water flow indicator(water drop) is intermittently blinking and showing flow(roughly shows flow for about 5s every 2 minutes). Entering the FR menu, the flow varies from 0.1 -0.3, again always lasting no more than a...
  14. Jason M Law

    Need help selecting/planning water treatment system

    Hello all! I am a DIYer trying to save my money on install costs for a water softening system (and potentially filtration system) looking for a good amount of help on both selection of a system and some tips on materials/tools I'll need. I noticed the Fleck because of its price (Amazon) and...
  15. MissMichellie

    Fleck 4650 Set Up

    I purchased a Pentair Fleck 4650 system and had my local handyman/plumber do the installation, but he's not sure how to do the set up. I've looked online, watched videos of the 5600 SXT (can't find anything for the 4650), and read the manual for the 4650 and I don't understand the set up...
  16. Scotty B

    PNW Water Treatment Questions & Failed Attempt

    I'll try to make this succinct, I have read so many posts here and other locations about similar issues but am hoping for specific advice. Moved in to rural property that had a Kenetico single tank "media" filter and dual tank "softener" installed, no information on them since it was a...
  17. jfzastrow

    Need a bit of help setting up older Fleck Econominder 5600

    I have an older water softener in my home. I believe it's a Fleck Econominder 5600. It's atop a 9x48 resin tank. As far as I can tell it is still fully functioning, I just want to make sure I have it setup to properly regenerate for my household. I recently cleaned out the entirety of the...
  18. mvoorhees

    Fleck 5600 32,000 Grain overall height???

    I'm looking at getting the fleck 5600 32,ooo grain system or possibly the 5600sxt but my closet it is going in only has 54.5" of clearance. Several sites list different heights. Some say 54" others say 56". Does anyone have this unit that can give me the exact height?
  19. Ukrop

    Different settings for Fleck 5600-SXT on different sites...

    Hi everybody! I just found this forum and hope to get some professional opinion. I just installed softener with Fleck 5600-SXT controller and 1.5 cu ft of resin. And now trying to set the best settings :) I read through posts here and also I found quite informative site...
  20. mggray87

    Fleck 5600SXT Program help

    Alright guys. cut me a tiny bit of slack with softeners. its a new world to me. I grew up entire life with no softener didnt even know they existed or what they were. I drank tap water for life. Bay Area SF has pretty darn good water. I moved out to brentwood farm area. and every house is built...
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