1. Max Cech

    Rebuilding Fleck 2500 valve

    Hey folks. Great forum here. I really appreciate having access to as much info as is here, even just lurking. I have an old 2500 valve (and an irrelevant but as far as I can tell bullet proof 3200 timer) that began to leak externally from the piston / plunger seal. I am preparing to rebuild...
  2. Brain2000

    Fleck Air Injection (AIO) optimization

    Greetings everyone. I'm new to the forums. Just recently bought a house with well and septic, and the well has iron and manganese so I figure I better get learning. A well test was done before the title transferred and I bought and installed an AIO Katalox Light filtration system based on...
  3. Jonboy5660

    Pentair/fleck 7000 not softening

    NEW HOME OWNER/NEW TO WATER SOFTENING -Just bought a home with a pentair 7000 water softener softener is working I had a so called WATER DR come out and inspect my softener to troubleshoot softener. All he did was open my brine tank lid to see if i had salt in it and hit some buttons on on the...
  4. Kevin Craig

    Why would I still have spots and residue despite having soft water (testing at zero grains)?

    Hi All, I recently purchased and installed a 32K 10% crosslink resin water softener with a Fleck 2510 SXT valve. My calculations led me to the 32K capacity: 9 grains hardness, 3 people, 2 bathrooms, and about 2,500 gallons per month usage. The install was simple and I immediately had soft...
  5. JImmy

    Fleck 2510SXT / Fleck 5600SXT or Fleck 7000SXT

    Hello, I had my water tested and my results are below. There are four people in my family. The water is acidic, there is sediment from my well and fortunately, there is no bacteria in my well. I also did a test on Radon in my well and the results showed there was a level of 1,952 pCi/L (EPA...
  6. mthode

    New 5600sxt not softening water

    All tests were done right from the softener output (installed a 'T' plus a quarter turn valve to test). Verified the following: regeneration is taking in brine and refilling properly, I've sat and watched the whole process a couple of times now BW: 10 BD: 60 RR: 10 BF: 8 bypass is not...
  7. KiraMax2002

    Online Vendors for Fleck Water Softener

    Okay, I've decided on a 64,000 grain Fleck water softener system. The question now is where to purchase it. I've found generally favorable reviews for https://www.discountwatersofteners.com/ so I originally intended to purchase it from there. However, I wanted to see if anybody has any other...
  8. KiraMax2002

    Water Softener Sizing - Need your input.

    I am interested in purchasing a Fleck 5600sxt and using calculators online, I think a 48,000 grain would suit me but I wanted to get your input. I calculated our water hardness to be about 22-25 as that's the high end of the range. Our water comes from the city and the report can be found...
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