1. S

    New Expansion tank on hot water boiler - but still getting water overflow

    I've recently installed a new expansion tank on my hot water boiler. The tank is not full of water and releases air when i press the schrader valve. However, the bucket below my TP relief valve continues to fill with water...I need to empty it once a week or I get a wet basement floor. I have...
  2. K

    I apparently have the most unsolvable boiler problem

    I have a 23-year-old weil mclain GV series 3 boiler. So far I have had 5 professional tech companies come in each one of them said, "oh this is 100% the issue"... and all of them have been wrong!! I've probably spent accumulative of 8-10 hours on the phone with well McClain tech support...
  3. Alex Frost

    Boiler/Tankless Options

    Hi, I am looking for some advice/suggestions to replace my oil boiler (with either another oil version or propane). However, I have mini splits that can work down to -15F so I plan on using them for most of the winter and only use boiler as backup (if and when needed). My heat loss is about...
  4. Jameslee

    The best boiler to replace Weil Mclain Ultra 230 (Series 2 circa 2006)

    Hello, everyone. I am seeking advice/recommendations on the boiler replacement. We never had a boiler system at home, so I do not have any first-hand experience with any boiler brands, and your experience and input would be greatly appreciated. Current Boiler setup: 2 X Weil Mclain Ultra...
  5. Renomaster525

    Help! Leaking fitting for in-floor radiant heat

    Hello all, I came home today and noticed an expected bubbling in my ceiling in the basement, directly under the main manifold for where my in-floor radiant heat lines run on the main floor. I have a Teledyne Labs energy efficient Mini-Therm II in a family owned home that has been operating well...
  6. Kamil

    Unions on boiler system

    Hello everybody, I am repiping old heating system into loops with the boiler remaining the same at this time but it will be changed in the future. I want to use unions to facilitate future boiler replacement. Is there any problem using unions on boiler system. I was wandering if they cause...
  7. Jod5908

    My indirect hot water tank is overheating due to the way it was plumbed, looking for advice.

    My hot water circuit from the boiler that heats my indirect domestic hot water heater has flow through it any time one of the heating zones has flow regardless of whether it's separate circulation pump is running, causing my domestic hot water to heat to 180F and has now ruined the relief valve...
  8. Myhouse

    Do I need an expansion tank?

    Some background info: House was built in 1956. City water, has a Watts 25AUB pressure reducer at the meter. It's set to 50 psi now. (In March of this year I finally noticed the water was blasting out of the shower head, so I checked the pressure - it was at 85 psi! The locknut on the PRV's...
  9. Seth Rieder

    Need help dialing in Navien NCB-240E Combi boiler

    I am curious what the best settings for my system would be as the installer has been less than helpful. This is our second winter here and after heating the house last year with the in floor it didn’t like to keep up in the very back corner of our house which happens to be the master bedroom. I...
  10. Seth Rieder

    Need help dialing in settings on Navien NCB240E

    I am curious what the best settings for my system would be as the installer has been less than helpful. This is our second winter here and after heating the house last year with the in floor it didn’t like to keep up in the very back corner of our house which happens to be the master bedroom. I...
  11. icu222much

    Advice for replacing water tank and boiler

    I am looking to replace my rusting gas hot water tank (15 years old) and leaking gas boiler (30 years old), and am trying to determine what the most cost-efficient long-term solution (30+ years) would be (ie - installation fee, maintenance cost, gas bill...). A bit about my house: 3300 sqft 30...
  12. EJR-VT

    Adding Boiler Treatment to Closed Loop Heating System

    Hi All, I have a closed loop baseboard hot water heating system with two zones (one upstairs and one downstairs) in my home. The gas-fired boiler is in the basement. I don't have any air vents on the individual zones, just near the boiler itself. I am attempting to add boiler treatment/cleaner...
  13. Matt316

    Boiler won’t stay running

    Hey guys so I’ve been having some issues with my brunham v-14 boiler. It does my baseboard heat and my hot water. So I bought the house on January 4th and the heat has been running fine no problem. Now I know the fire chamber was starting to go so I know that needs repair. But a couple weeks ago...
  14. Mike Vavricka

    Basement Radiant Floor System Boiler

    Hello, I am finally diving into utilizing the pex tubing in the slab for our basement versus the duct work from the forced air gas furnace. After finishing the basement last winter and spending more time down there this winter we would like to improve the comfort level during the heating...
  15. Technophile

    Hydronic heating. When should the pumps run?

    Hello! We have a hydronic heating system that appears (to my admittedly inexperienced eyes) to have some design and installation errors (no filter, expansion tanks undersized and upside down, air eliminator in the heating return instead of between the boiler and circ pump, ...). I would...
  16. Tangent

    Best High setting on boiler aquastat

    My boiler Aquastat is set to a High Temp limit of 180 F. Some folks say you get better efficiency by running at a slightly higher temp, like 190 F. What does your experience tell you? ___ "Generally a heating boiler is more efficient if...
  17. ShawnW123

    Navien NHB Series Boiler - Error Code 291

    I have a Navien NHB series boiler that produces an error code 291 about 5 minutes into its call for heat. Boiler fires, pump activates, hot water begins to flow and the temp readout gets to 104 (which is the setting for this unit as it is heating a cement garage slab). I spoke to a Navien tech...
  18. Aron Golden

    Navien 240 combi

    Two story house with two thermostats. Upstairs works, downstairs pumps unheated water through radiators regardless of thermostat setting. Valve? Pump? This will be the 12th repair in 6 years for this unit. Getting frustrated and going broke!
  19. Scott Thomas

    Help Sizing Replacement Boiler

    Need advice on sizing a replacement boiler for my home. I believe I need a smaller boiler, however I am not a professional and obviously could be wrong. My contractor is insisting on installing a new boiler of the same size. He believes the replacement must be equal in output to the existing...
  20. Kaspars

    Boiler leaking through side.

    Dear Gentlemen, I'll be short: I'm not very knowledgeable in the boiler side of things, although I'm technically inclined and am reading up on boilers as we speak. I have an acute problem, that I have to fix miself due to budgeting issues - I can't afford to change the boiler or anything of...
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