Air infiltration at hydronic baseboard pipe, gas boiler kicks on constantly when cold outside. Advice needed

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I need some clarity, knowledge, and advice. Thanks in advance.
Had our baseboards replaced last fall during a kitchen renovation. Just because they were 50 years old and scruffy. s

Moved back in on Christmas day. Noticed an area around one of the copper pipes had been cut out through the hardwood and the subfloor had been chipped through. Bits of pink insulation were stuck between the fins. Cold air is blowing, really blowing, in through that hole right up the pipe. This section sits in a 2ft cantilever on the north-northeast face of the house.
We had a pretty mild winter, never dropped below 20°F.

I stuffed as much of that gray pipe foam insulation in it as I could, but it still leaks cold air. Put a small space heater set to 60° facing it. Still, the boiler kicks on over and over, not even a minute after it stops.

I'm guessing:
1. that the exposed pipe is chilling the water and when the cooled water returns it triggers the boiler? When outside temps are above freezing and there's little wind the boiler functions normally.
2. That pipe could freeze/burst? Especially when temps start approaching 0° and lower (-20° is probably a normal winter low)
3. This can damage the boiler...
3a. Cold water ?
3b. Constant stop/start

The entire main floor is zone 1 of 3 zones. Typical 70s bilevel/raised ranch with 2-ft cantilevered overhangs in both the front and back.


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