1. Mankadm

    Electrical shock on water taps

    My location.-Mumbai, Kandivili west I have a flat on 5th floor. I am getting electrical shock when I touch the water taps in my master bedroom. The electrician has oked the earthing and we even replaced the metal junction l box with a plastic one on the wall behind the bathroom. The similar...
  2. N

    Unnecessary Vent?

    Hi, I'm remodeling a bathroom and i would like to correct some issues with the current plumbing at the same time. Please excuse my crude drawings hopefully you can understand what's going on. This is what the plumbing looks like right now, I'm going to add a vent to the tub which is currently...
  3. S

    Moving a toilet, Is this Legit?

    Not a lengthy explanation. I want to move a toilet a few feet from current location and tie it into the vertical soil stack. The main vent stack is about 4 feet from new location. I just want to know if these are the fittings I should use. Cut section of vertical out. Add 4x4x3 wye. Glue in a...
  4. J

    Bathroom Rough In Layout

    What do you think about the following rough in layout? Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  5. P

    Bathroom Remodel DWV and Supply Questions and Advice...

    Hi, my daughter is remodeling her guest bath on a home she recently purchased. Small, semi-functional bathroom we are trying to update and make more functional. Existing layout had a 20" vanity, toilet and big open space to tub (pic of old space). Going to be moving toilet about 10.5" toward the...
  6. C

    Bathroom Sink Venting Question

    Hello, I'm putting in a bathroom sink drain in Canada, Ontario. We had a plumber come in who told us there was no vent for this drain and it would cost a lot to install. We contacted another plumber, who said all we needed to do was install an AAV. I'm a little confused because it looks like...
  7. jalumbau

    Help in identifying bathroom faucet manufacturer

    Hi would someone be able to identify the attached faucet’s manufacturer? Can’t see any distinguishing marks on the faucet itself or the supply hoses which might provide identification. thanks in advance,
  8. C

    Moving Washing Machine Drain Question

    I've been wanting to move my washing machine drain and supply lines for a while and thought I might be able to take advantage of a water damage situation in the bathroom that shares a wall. Drywall in the bathroom is partially removed, exposing all the plumbing in the shared wall. I could...
  9. A

    Shower drain relocation

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so I'll give a little background on myself. The whole Army brat moving situation gave me a unique opportunity to spend the last 3 years of high school in a vocational setting where I chose Electrical Trades. I was fully trained in electricity and worked some years...
  10. rugoofy

    Water on bathroom floor.

    After taking a shower my bathroom floor is dry but when I go back in there 1-2 hours later there are puddles of water on the floor. Any suggestions as to what could cause this? This only happens after taking a shower. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Nick Evans

    Toilet Clearance in Utah

    Hi All, I'm in Utah, and it's my understanding that we use the 2018 IRC Residential Code Which appears to indicate a minimum of 21" clearance between front of toilet and anything else. I had a bathroom remodel company come give me a bid, and they claimed a minimum of 30" clearance is required...
  12. Suceress

    My Ensuite Renovation WIP

    I realize that my other thread about the fiberglass tub got confusing because it started out about a different bathroom and I moved on to my ensuite. I have two ensuites back to back. I'm not sure when the original house was built but the ensuites and bedrooms attached to them seem to have been...
  13. Mjmonty75

    Mysterious Diverter Valve Issue: Shower Diverter Keeps Moving to Closed Position

    Hello, I am having an issue with my shower and I was hoping to get some advice on what could be causing it. Every morning, I make sure to push down the diverter valve after turning off the shower valve. However, lately I have been noticing that the diverter valve is being found in the closed...
  14. Goleary91

    Is this bathroom layout allowed in Seattle? (vertical wet vent)

    I'm replumbing a bathroom in Seattle, moving some fixtures. There's one shower, one toilet and one sink. The main stack is right next to the bathroom, so I was planning to run the toilet through a closet bend (in the closest joist bay) then down and below the joists to the stack used as a drain...
  15. Kenperko

    Basement Bathroom - new pipes under wall, or next to?

    I'm adding a basement bathroom, and wondering what's the best practice - to put new pipe runs in concrete under partition walls or next to them. It seems like for stubbing up, it would be better to have the run under the wall so that you don't need to have a 45 or other bend to get the pipe over...
  16. Bling

    Bathroom addition help

    Hello, I am new to the forum and was hoping for some advice with drains for a bathroom addition in a half story of a cape. I am located in MA which has its own plumbing code (but is similar to UPC). Some of the challenging conditions are: 1. the ceiling is sloped (with a clipped gable) which...
  17. G

    Two Bathroom Piping Advice

    Hi , Just want to stat by saying that I have been using this forum quite a bit over the last few weeks to plan out my plumbing. Thankful for all the advice I see posted on here. I'm in the process of re-doing two washrooms and have come up with the following arrangement, this is to accomodate...
  18. Webdood90

    Bathroom/laundry rewire plan review

    Hey all, would really appreciate your time on this. Ran into a very helpful person for my plumbing questions and now I'm onto electrical. I'm DIY rewiring my bathroom/laundry with the following plan: - 1 circuit for 2 vanity outlets -- 20 amp gfci breaker, 12/2 romex -- 1 gfci outlet, the other...
  19. Jay S

    Planning slab penetrations for a basement bathroom

    I'm planning new construction, my questions involve a basement bathroom w/ a tub, shower, wc & vanity as shown. First 2 general code / best practices questions which reveal my level of experience... 1) Since 3" or larger pipes are called for under slabs, does that mean traps under basement...
  20. Katehis24

    Basement Plumbing Layout (New York Code)

    Hey guys, I'm redoing the plumbing in the basement bathroom since it was never vented properly. I cut all the existing pipes out. I re-connected a new 3-inch pvc into the existing 3 in pvc that led to the stack that goes to the street. I would like to know if everything is up to code for NY...
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