1. shim

    Accidentally cut off corner of 3 inch ABS fitting! Is it still good to use??

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, I hope I can get some valuable feedback and advice from all of you. I am currently remodeling my washroom. I noticed that my toilet flange was broken and was causing my toilet to rock back and forth. I decided that I would replace the toilet flange...
  2. thetoolsmith

    PVC to ABS for Toto In Wall Toilet?

    I'm installing a Toto in wall toilet in a 2x4 wall that required the 2x4 Duo Fit connection. The 3 inch connector is PVC but my existing plumbing is all ABS. I know Oatey has a green transition cement for PVC to ABS, just wanted to know if this is recommended or is there a better method to...
  3. G

    Is this a reducer between cast iron and ABS pipe?

    Just bought a new clothes washer, and it says to connect the waste to a minimum 2" pipe, my house has 1.5" pipe so I followed it to this, pictured below. Is that a reducer? can I just hack that out and replace it with 2" pipe?
  4. W

    Unusual spiral fracture in ABS cell core pipe

    The attached image is a piece of ABS that drains a sink in a motorhome. It drains to a waste tank so it would always drain dry. Summer heat could be high on a sunny day, but there would be no direct sunlight. The could have been some bending stress if it was glued together and the holding tank...
  5. Russell Harris

    Made mistake - plumber's putty on ABS tub drain threads - fix advice

    So back in July last year (2022) I installed an American Standard deep soak bath drain. I was in a hurry as we were trying to get walls closed up in the baths. I now realize that the drain assembly was ABS. Don't know why I thought it wasn't as it was black. Anyway I used the Stain-Free Oatey...
  6. Jer805

    ABS Foam Core in Trench with Pressurized System?

    I'm installing a sewage lift pump and 2" ABS pipe from my garage up to my house (and then out to the city sewer line). I'm having difficulty getting a clear answer to four questions: 1) is foam core ABS okay in a trench (18" deep in my area) or should I use solid core ABS, 2) same question...
  7. Danny L

    Cut flange over 3" pipe, and install 4" flange on top?

    Hi forum, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I hired a professional plumber to install a toilet flange for me but he installed it 3/8 inches above the finished tile floor and claims it is perfectly acceptable. Further, the flange is only held in to the substrate by 1 screw and the flange rests solely...
  8. RuralAtlantic

    Connecting brass P-trap to ABS drain, without slip joint

    I'm trying to connect a 1-1/4" brass p-trap (for an exposed vanity) to the 1-1/2" ABS drain line. The challenge is that the wall that the drain is in is very shallow (about 2.5") and the pipe escutcheon/flange is not deep enough to cover an entire slip join, it is just deep enough to cover the...
  9. Shawnv92

    Vertical DWV pipe cracked to concrete...almost

    I discovered a leak in my laundry closet, and on tearing the drywall discovered a crack in the tee in the vertical drain vent stack. The origin of the crack seems to not one but two drywall screws which the folks remodeling the bathroom (on the other side of the wall) for the previous owner...
  10. Jay neubert

    Bathroom Remodel - Toilet Flange is Gone - FIX HELP NEEDED

    Hello all, First time poster, but I've heard great things about the Plumbing advice here. Hoping you can advise! I have a long post on the JohnBridge.com forum on my bathroom remodel job, and they recommended that I post it here to get the proper plumbing advice. I'm at a standstill until I get...
  11. Ken

    Leaking Under slab ABS connector

    Hi All, I have reviewed post already covering this issue but didn't get a solid answer from them so any further advice will be greatly appreciated. My problem is that I have a couple of 3" ABS combo's that have a very slow leak at one of the hubs. My project is a whole house under...
  12. Sk_rva

    ABS closet flange issue

    I had a leaky toilet in bathroom I gutted to remodel. Cut old broken ABS flange off 90 degree hub that it was directly connected to. Drain pipe is 3”. The flange was not on top of the finished tile like it should be. After cutting, the hub now sits 3/8 below subfloor. But since it was welded...
  13. Johnnyh55

    How to enlarge hole around ABS pipe in floor joist?

    I just moved into my first home and was hearing loud cracking noises and I didn't know where it was coming from, I have now traced it to the ABS drain pipe running in the basement ceiling in the floor joists expanding and contracting when we use the hot water. It's a 2 inch ABS drain pipe and I...
  14. meganite

    Belly in sewer line - Worst case scenario?

    I'm buying a bank-owned investment property and was provided a copy of a sewer line inspection a previous buyer performed. The report did not include much detail, or any photos or video. Because the inspection was not issued to me the inspector won't consult on it at all. The inspection...
  15. JohnG127

    PVC pipe cap

    I'm capping a 4" PVC 2729 pipe, the cap has 3 marks, Sty 2852, PVC 3034, and ABS 2751. What would be the best cement for that?
  16. Tom Smalley

    Repair or replace sanitary tee behind wall in bathroom sink

    Anyone had this happen? Attempting to unclog my bathroom sink drain by removing trap. In doing so, the glued in, and brittle horizontal ABS pipe connecting the trap to the sanitary tee in the drainline broke off. It looks like I need to either: - cut out the tee and plumb a new one back in, or...
  17. Ken Parlee

    Canadian bathroom double vanity vent question

    REPOST IN THE CANADIAN FORUM: Hi there. I am installing a double vanity that is 49" wide in a 2nd floor bathroom. As the main stack is right above the vanity (and originally ran right through where we want to install an in-wall medicine cabinet, I rerouted the vent to the right of the vanity...
  18. CC_CT

    Bathtub drain pipe confusion

    Hey folks, first of all thank you for your expert opinions that you share on this site. I've learned a ton from reading on this forum. I'm preparing to replace my 30-year old tub with an acrylic one, and I opened up an access wall to see what was going on. As you can see in the pictures, the...
  19. Scaredycats

    The best way to secure in the slab shower drain

    I am replacing an old shower in the basement. When I removed the pan, the ABS drain had not been filled in. I need to level the concrete for the new shower base. What is the best way to fill it in. I was thinking about sand up to 2 inches and than use leveling concrete? Do I need to wrap the ABS...
  20. Jackson882

    Bond ABS and brass together

    I have a freestanding bathtub with ABS waste and overflow and I need help connecting a brass tailpiece to this. What kind of cement will bond with these two materials
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