Will it hurt if I put liquid waterproofing membrane over DensShield backer board?

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Instruction of DenShield say - you can use it without any additional membrane ..as it itself is waterproof (gray coating)
(They say use on screw holes and corners)
But will it hurt if I use redgard or similar ..(I have some extra)

On Redgard manual it shows Suitable Substrates as follow - Concrete, cement mortar, masonry Cement Backerboard Exterior Plywood and OSB (interior, dry areas only) Exterior Decks - Contact Technical Services Post-Tension Concrete - Contact Technical Services Lightweight Concrete (min. 2000 psi compressive strength) Gypsum-Based cement topping (min. 2000 psi compressive strength) Existing ceramic tile and resilient flooring Floor heating systems - contact Technical Services

It does not say acrylic coating - which is what DensShield has on top surface where this redgard will go to
Can I use flex glue (as seen on TV) to cover screws and corners?

Finally - this flex glue has been sitting for like 2 or more years (not opened) - can I use it now or if it has shelf life and will not longer effective after 2 years or more? @jadnashua @Terry @wwhitney @Tuttles Revenge @John Gayewski @Jeff H Young
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