1. Ryansteelers

    New toilet venting

    I recently added a half bath on the 1st floor of my home (septic system fyi) To drain it, I tapped into the toilet pipe coming from my 2nd floor bathroom. The existing drain pipe runs vertically from the 2nd floor straight down into the basement... I connected the new toilet drain pipe in the...
  2. Nancy Johnson

    Un-trapped Basement Drains!

    I'd love to add traps to existing basement floor drains. We have lived with a stinky basement for 35 years and I'm really tired of it. I'm thinking that the floor needs to be broken out around the drains and new trapped connections installed.Will this be a huge expensive deal in a 1915 house?
  3. Mjchevalier

    Sewer gas smell in bathroom is a mystery?

    I own a 2 story townhome on a slab with no basement. Our downstairs bathroom has had a sewer smell develop in it and I also noticed the toilet was rocking side to side. I pulled it off to find a broken pvc closet flange. Replaced the flange and set it back on with a new thick wax ring with no...
  4. Rumblefish

    Washing machine stinks of rotten eggs when running

    I know this has been brought up numerous times before, but I thought I'd ask anyway since there are a few things that might be unique to my situation. BTW, in Los Angeles, Calif. Our 30 plus yr old washer finally died. It was a good old Maytag. I knew of a local business with a good reputation...
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