UK Faucet in a US bathroom

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A single hole 2 handle lav faucet with pop-up waste is what we needed for this project. While a perrin and rowe and a zuchetti faucet were identified they were in the 500-1000 dollar range and had a long ship time. Enter the Bristan R BAS C Regency: bas c#Features

I obtained this grey market UK faucet, including shipping from Europe, at around $100. The faucet comes tapped for an included copper connector which is about 12 inches long or so and increases in diameter at two points. But importantly, where the connector attaches to the supply, it appears to be 15mm OD copper tubing.

Now some on the internet have suggested that 15mm tubing and 1/2" are close enough to be more or less compatible. I took a half inch fitting and placed it over the 15mm tubing, and found it to be much looser than a genuine 1/2" tube. However it did seem like it might be close enough to solder the joint. I looked up the specs, and it appears that in the US, a 1/2" copper tube has an OD of 15.875mm, a bit less than a millimeter larger than 15mm, consistent with what I observed. While solder might work, I don't think I'd feel confident in a 1/2" compression fitting over the smaller tube.

The connector is called an m12 x 265mm copper tail.

Would it be smart to solder a 1/2" coupling to the 15mm inlet and work off that?

As for the faucet itself it is solid brass, and is represented to comply with British code standards(it is sold in the UK) which seem pretty strict in terms of lead free materials and general quality. It also appears that the pressure tolerances are acceptable, though I'm less certain about typical UK plumbing conditions. Please let me know if you have any advice that might help me with this install.


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