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Hello! I've been researching options for our water filtration system in the new home we're building, it's quite rural and on a large ridge. At the base of the ridge there is a constantly flowing spring, along with a creek. I plan to get our drinking water from the spring via a pump housed in a concrete basin (roughly 400gal). That water will be pumped up to our garage where it will land in a 300gal holding tank and then be fed via a re-pressure pump with a small pressure tank and CSV into the filtration system and home plumbing.

I've reached out to a few filtration companies and got several different options and opinions on what will work best. I really would like to make the best decision possible since we plan to stay here long term, that's why I'm asking for more info here!

My initial plan was to have a spindown filter before the storage tank, then a 20 micron cartridge filter, 5 micron cartridge filter, back-washing carbon filter and then UV disinfection. I've now realized that I may need a softener as well, to ensure the UV works to it's full potential. Please see the attached water report (raw water from the spring) and share your opinions.

I'd be happy to discuss preferred brands as well, do you all put much stock into NSF certification?


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