Significant resin discharged during backwash

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Northern IL
I have a Culligan Medallist Series water softener at our lake house. It has been unused in the garage for several years due to an issue we have been dealing with of low yielding well. We had to get a new well drilled, and I moved my pressure tank and water softener to a whole new location with new plumbing set up. I plumbed the water softener in but left it on bypass until I was sure everything else with my change was good.

Yesterday I took my softener out of bypass and did a manual regeneration. Immediately, during the backwash process, the flow of water out of the discharge was suprisingly large and very dark in color. At first I thought it was just full of rust/iron and iron bacteria (we think this was the main problem with our old well). I let the backwash continue, and after a few minutes it started to run clear. But as the utility sink drained lower I noticed that it contained a large amount of dark maroon resin beads!

Any ideas of what has happened? Advice on troubleshooting and what to do next? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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That would come from the backwash GPM being too much and there not being a top basket to catch any resin washing out.

I expect there is a flow limiter, called a DLFC (drain line flow control). That is a special rubber washer, and maybe it went bad.

I doubt that you can find a service manual for that softener.
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