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I wish I could get some advice here. I am living upstairs in a condo. Recently, my downstairs neighbor's shower sound is super loud which always wake me up from sound sleep at late night. It's like they are showering in my bathroom. It didn't occur before and only recently since one day in January. My other neighbors don't have this issue either. I have talked with them but they insisted its normal if living in a condo with shared walls. The HOA said it's inside the building and we should solve it on our own.

I have recorded the sound with a decibel meter. Here is the link:

The city code regulates that the sound should not exceed 45 decibels during the quiet hours, but the shower sound is over 60, and sometimes 70 decibels. Sometimes it is as this loud the whole showering. Sometimes, it is loud only at the beginning and the end, the middle is relatively lower.

Anyone knows the cause or the solutions? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!
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There seems to be two posts for this question?

It sounds to me the noise is water running in the pipe to the shower head which of course is high on the wall or an overhead spray. Since you stated it started in January, my take is someone received as a gift or purchase a new shower head or removed a flow restricter allowing for a much higher water flow.
Many shower heads still use a flow restricter which usually can be easily removed allowing more than 2.5 GPM. EPA standard for shower heads is 2.5 gallons max per minute either at 60 or 80PSI depending how the manufacture rates it.

How to fight it is hard to say. Going to the condo board would have to be the first step since the neighbor doesn't think it is a problem.
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