Rear outlet/back outlet toilet options?

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Hi all, i am trying to find out my options when it comes to replacing a rear outlet toilet in my condo.

i chose the swiss madison one for my main bath and fully regret it. Quality doesnt seemgreat, i worry about post sale service, toilet seat keeps shifting around and the toilet is just too small.
Was initally going to go with a wall hung super modern option but cost wise, it is just not feasible and the models/seats seem small. The tank/toilet combo itself is easily $1300 plus all the install work required (+ we have 2x4 metal studs)

For our second bath i am looking for a modern looking option, rear outlet, ideally not wall hung, elongated/larger size.

I know of:
icera malibu ii
swiss madison calice
kohler barrington (probably too large of a footprint for our tiny 1/2 bath)
American standard yorkville

Any other that exist? somehow in a city with 50% condos/apartments, any plumbing supplier i ask about this as very little info/options. I just dont get how there would be so few options!

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Plumbing suppls I go to just sell the stuff unless you have a design center showroom then you get people that kind of know the product . in the supply houses I go I dont get that help much plus I let customers decide.
Definately check out they are owned by ferguson its a good site and people available on the phone lines I thought they were pretty good with questions I had on finish plumbing. Prices I think are decent Ive ordered. but its good to browse there the specs and instructions are right there a good resource!

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There are a couple different types of Floor mounted Rear outlet toilets. The type Peterson mentioned above which have a pressure assist tank and mount to a drain at 4.25" above finished floor, or the european style which have a typical gravity flush tank and mount to either a wall outlet or floor outlet with the tank either coupled to the bowl, or an in wall tank as shown below.

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