Old house, issue with kitchen sink down pipe

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Hello all,

I have a rental property which was built around 1942. Therefore, yes, it's got its issues.

One such is that I've just spent most of today cutting out cast iron in the crawl space and replacing it with PVC.

But, of course, now there's another issue, which is that whatever BS down pipe from the kitchen sink that runs thru the wall and down to the crawl space must have a Crack in it, because now it's leaking from somewhere within the wall, and I cannot identify where.

I should note that this down pipe is seemingly just some 2" steel that was jammed into the wall and then down and into the crawl space by whomever owned this house before me.

I can see where this pipe comes down and into the crawl space, but, I cannot get to the rest of it that's buried in the wall. This house's age makes it really difficult for me to pull this pipe out and replace it. I would have to completely rip out the wall and a good chunk of the floor.

What I'm wondering is, can I go straight down into the floor to connect to the main drain? I understand that there needs to be a P-trap. I have one under the sink. But what I'm wondering is if I have to do more to go below the floor.

I really do appreciate any help, because I need this garbage to just work, and I simply cannot pay a plumber thousands of dollars to come and redo this.


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theoreheticaly you can abandon the old steel (probebly galvanized) leave in wall and come through floorwith new lline about a foot away from where your p trap needs to be and put a santee on with top of santee connecting with 45s into the vent in t5he wall
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