Need to bring basement drains up to code (draining into sump pit right now....)

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Sterling Heights, MI, United States
Hi all, I purchased a home with the stipulation that I had to fix a few basement drains, as they're just draining right into the sump pit (they terminate right above the pit). The house drains to a septic field, which is above the basement floor level, so it needs to be pumped up to it.
I was told I'd need a sewage ejector, would have to break open the floor for all the lines. I was wondering if my idea is possible, and up to code (or would be with some tweaks)


Here are some photos of the current situation.
I was wondering if adding an above the floor pump (saniswift pro) would be possible here, without having to go into any other walls in the basement.

However, the drain I'd like to connect the pump to is a separate line that has no vent (it is a single drain for the kitchen sink, which uses an AAV). I don't know if venting to a totally separate line than where it would pump to is an issue.

Is this at all feasible? If this is possible, or a you think a different setup with a above ground pump is possible, let me know, thanks!
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