Need Submersible pump with low Starting Power Requirement

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As the title says, I need a submersible pump for my new well.
Back Story: Bought an Amish farm in 2012, had it plumbed, put in a bathroom and a septic system. The house is powered by an off grid solar/battery system. My inverter has a continuous output rating of 3600VA @120V. The inverter can take a bit of a surge but only 4-5000 watts for a couple seconds (maybe). Current water source is a spring fed 400gal cistern in the basement (main source) and a dug shallow well as backup. I use a Flotec shallow jet pump to pull from the cistern and fill a large pressure tank that then feeds the house. Long story short... spring stopped flowing due to lack of rain (has happened before) and the dug well has very limited supply. So I bit the bullet and had a "Real" well drilled the other day and now I need to get the water into the house and I don't want to fill the cistern but connect into the house plumbing.

So I need a pump for the well that doesn't draw more than 3600watts (or~30amps), 120V only unless I use a transformer or VFD to bump up the voltage.. Obviously less is better because everything is pulled from the batteries which come into play. The new well is 150' deep and the static water level is sitting at about 25-30'. I have been looking at Grundfos SQ and SQE models and the SQFlex model but I don't really need the Flex models ability to run on such a wide voltage spectrum (30-300) and AC or DC.

So basically I need a soft/low initial current 120AC pump for the well described above. We no not do irrigation or anything out of the ordinary. @ bath house but Never used showers at the same time... fairly conservative on our water usage.

As a side note I haven't decided if I am going to use the large pressure tank or not. I originally put it in to limit the electrical/pump usage or number of fill per day but I'm not sure how much that matters since the pump has to run a long time to fill, and not real happy with the water pressure. Considering a CSV but not sure if that will make the pump run more or less?

Appreciate any help or suggestions



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10SQ05 with an 86 gallon size tank (20 gal draw) OR a PK1A with 10 gallon tank ( 2 gal draw) and an extra battery. On solar big tanks work like a battery. But pressure drops the entire time water is coming from tbe tank. With an extra battery you can have strong constant pressure all the time using a CSV and small tank.

Plus, an extra battery will supply a lot more than 20 gallons.
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