Need Info on Autotrol 255's Bypass Valve

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I bought a complete water softener system (valve, fibreglass tank, brine tank, etc) with the Autotrol 255 valve and it was supposed to come with a bypass valve but didn't. My experience with the vendor hasn't exactly been very good, and so I want to ask the right questions from the vendor so I'm not waiting even longer for more parts that were failed to be sent.

This is what the back of my valve currently looks like:

So what I'm wondering is, what parts should be sent to me? Is there anything that should go in between the valve and the bypass valve? Are there o-rings and screws that should be included?

More questions... I had a flex hose sent to me (vendor only sent one when I should have received two), and one side is 1 3/4" (1.75") threaded female. Is the bypass valve 1 3/4" threaded male?

I also have more questions. In the manual, it shows an air lock with a ball check, but there is no ball inside:


Vendor says that the ball is not necessary because the brine well assembly has a check. Is it true that in this case, no ball in the air lock is needed?
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