Need help..problem hooking up blower kit on BW Water Heater!

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Hey everyone I recently bought a Bradford White kit for my power vent water heater. the universal kit # is 265-47200-00 which is what BW techs told me this for a new blower since the bearings were going out of my old one so I ordered the kit and received it and have got most everything done but there are a few things

With this kit you have to install a transformer which in the booklet says the part # is 265-44072-01 and that is fine but the one I have says 233-44072-01A on the right side of the label and I just noticed this a little bit ago. So first off I am not sure if this is compatable or not but it is the one they sent so I assume so.

My main question however is hooking the four sets of wires to this transformer that hook to the blower. Step 15 of the Bradford White Universal kit manual sent with the blower says this

Connect the wire terminals to their corresponding locations on the transformer
a. 2 blue wires to the 120v hot post
b. 2 white wires to the 120v common post
c. 2 yellow wires to the 24v hot post
d. 2 green wires to the 24v common post

so the problem for me is I do not know which posts are hot and common? The black and white picture accompanied has arrows pointing to the terminals but does not have a,b,c,d by the arrows so I am unsure.

To further confuse myself I called a tech at Bradford White and asked which wires go to which posts and he stated the top left is white, the top right is blue, the bottom left is green and the bottom right is to be yellow. After hanging up and trying these I noticed different sized connectors. the two larger are on the bottom and smaller two on I could not get these to connect. I called back talked to the same guy and told him more information about numbers with arrows pointing to terminals and he gives me new directions that the top left is yellow, the top right is green, the bottom left is blue and the bottom right is white???

Since then I have taken a break on this and need further help..Tyco electronics who makes the transformer could not help me and tried calling BW back but waited for 30 min. and no answer!..HELP ME!


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