Need help identifying and fixing bathroom faucet

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My father's bathroom faucet recently started leaking. I crawled underneath, but couldn't see any identifying marks or tags. The house was built in the 50s, but remodeled in the 70s and he bought it in the 00s. He thinks he's never changed it, so it's likely pre-2005ish.

The leak appears to be from the handle and possibly around the base as well. It leaks across the countertop and also into the cabinet below.

From my basic plumbing knowledge, and googling around, I think the cartridge needs to be replaced. However, I've not been able to locate the faucet to determine what part is needed. I thought it might be a Moen (some of the other fixtures in the hour are a Moen) since it had a rubber plug in the back of the handle and after removing that I was able to get the handle off and expose what I think is the cartridge. That's the same process I used to fix another faucet in his house that was a Moen, but much more recent. That said, I have no idea on how to remove or identify the cartridge. The inside of the handle did have the numbers 474, but my googling for that returns a Delta kitchen faucet that is nothing like the one I have.

Here are the pics. The leak seems to come from around where the handle attaches to the base (where the red and blue lines are). I have higher resolution images and a couple videos if they help. Sorry about the filth, this is an 82 year old's bathroom and he won't allow others to clean it:
PXL_20231201_184029511 (Small).jpg
PXL_20231201_184049032 (Small).jpg
PXL_20231128_150948794 (Small).jpg
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