Need help finding plumber to fix Fleck 5810

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Stockton, California
We have an excellent set of filter/softener controlled by Fleck 5810 valves that have served us well for about 5 years and we need to change the piston & spacer in the filter valve because it keeps draining water. We have purchased the piston/spacer kit for the valve and I have viewed the Allan's video but I haven't been able to put it back together. Here are my challenges:
1-I can’t get the power head retaining plate to lock in and stay firmly in place. It keeps slipping off.
2- It’s not clear how much should the piston nut be tightened - Should the nut be level with the body or below it? The video says "don’t make it too tight". I can't figure out when it would be too tight. I'm wondering if I made it too tight or not tight enough to secure the retaining plate.
3- I can’t get the piston rod and cam to line up as described at 2:40 in the video. This is probably because the plate is not where it should be.

Having exhausted my DIY skills, we're looking to hire someone with the expertise. The plumbing businesses we called in the area do not have staff familiar with Fleck 5810 valves. So how do I find this expertise in the East Bay area (zip code 94568)?
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