Navien npn-160e-lp not delivering hot water

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Portland OR
I have a Navien npn-160e-lp tankless water heater.

I am using a portable propane tank as my gas source. I do not have access to gas from a bigger tank, nor will I ever have access to such. This is on my tiny house that is not moved much at all. It will stay parked in a location for years at a time.

I noticed that it was starting to not give hot water a few months back. I could fix it by unplugging it for a while, per instructions from a person who worked at a Navien certified plumbing company but was not themselves a plumber. It would work for a while and I would unplug and would work again. This solution is no longer working.

I did have a Navien certified tech come out (sept 2023) to look at it. He looked at the firing pin/heating rods? and said that they looked good. He did check the overall unit but didn’t find much that would be wrong. We got on the phone with Navien tech support but was on hold for over an hour w/o talking to a tech. He was going to have to charge more money per hour after the first hour to stay and be on hold. We hung up. This unit is not too old in that it was installed in April of 2021. No, it is not under warranty; didn't get registered. My own fault.

I can hear the unit turn on, and I can hear clicks as if it is trying to work but I am not getting any hot water. I’ve tried all my tricks. Turn off the unit for 10 mins, 1 hour, 1 day. I unplugged the unit from power. I have reset the outlet that it’s plugged into. I disconnected the gas line, and made sure it was turned on when I reconnect it all back together.

I’m not getting an error code on the display.

I found info about a sensor not working as well. A google search says “The issue is most likely the flow sensor inside the unit is not spinning properly. We recommend opening and closing the pressure relief valve (should be located near the outlet of the unit).”

I’m not sure what else to consider for getting this running again. It’s winter in Portland OR and a hot shower would be good.
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