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I thought I posted this already but I can’t find it. Apologies if this is a repost.

2 months ago when renovating our kitchen below our main bath, we replaced the old galvanized drain pipes with pvc. They couldn’t remove the old cast iron vent/drain pipe so that stayed. They replaced the bathtub barrel trap with a standard p trap. I now smell a musty earthy smell from the bathtub overflow area. My contractors plumber did the work. I had my plumber come out who said he didn’t really smell anything and recommended trying a drain cleaner. I’ve used bleach and it seems to temporarily help. I’ve even taken the overflow cover off and scrubbed down it best I could. My worry is the p trap is being siphoned now and it’s dry. Here is some plumbing pictures of the layout. The tub drain like runs to the right to connect to the sink drain line and then into the toilet drain which is right at the cast iron pipe. My plumber says it isn’t how he would have run it but it isn’t wrong. Thoughts? How can I test if my trap is being siphoned?


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