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Hi there,

I rccently moved into a basement. The cold room which is located below the porch is finished (drywall, paint, baseboard, tile floor) and is used as a laundry room with the flooring being ceramic tile. Twice now, after doing a load of laundry I have noticed there is fuzzy green stuff which I strongly believe is mold, on the bottom half of the baseboard.

Now my question is; what steps or process I should follow to find the source of this mold? I have purchased a N95 face mask and the one piece suit to protect my clothes and body from any air bourne mold. But if necessary will have the landlord call a professional to take care of this.
Thank you for any suggestions and info.


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Hey Plumbingdeptsup,

This isn't really a plumbing code question. Mods, if you see this, can this be moved to general discussion?

Generally moisture, warmth, and organic materials will lead to mold. In a basement, issues with storm drainage can lead to moisture in the walls. Small leaks in the washing machine supply or drainage, or the machine itself can also increase the moisture of the area. Do you ever notice any moisture on the floor?

Black mold is certainly more common, though it can have a greenish tinge. Corroding copper or brass pipe/fittings can produce some green/blue residue, though it should be fairly obvious if this is the case.

Mold is a difficult issue, and may or may not be plumbing related. It can certainly be a health issue, and should be taken seriously. I would suggest documenting the situation(pictures, notes, etc) and getting your landlord into the loop.
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