Hot Water Varies Hour by Hour

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I have a roughly-10-year-old 75 gallon State Select gas water heater. We live in upper central Illinois.

We noticed that the temperature of our hot water varies with it being just barely warm enough when turned on full hot to being almost scalding. We noticed it when taking a shower in the morning, but I've determined it isn't the shower.

I've gone from fixture to fixture around the house and at various times of the day and here's what I found;
Temperatures can vary from the highest I've recorded at 125.5 down to the lowest at 103 degrees. The variation is throughout the house, meaning that, although not each fixture reaches the same temperature, they all vary from previous measurements by the same amount. It also varies by hour, even today our morning shower at 5:45am was 103, but at 8am today, it was up to 116.5. It doesn't vary by any amount of time less than an hour. The outside temperature doesn't seem to be a factor.

Someone in my neighborhood did say they had excessive pressure in their incoming gas line and had the gas utility install a new regulator. We also have fairly high water pressure. Don't know if they are the culprit because I can't measure them myself.

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