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Hey! I did a renovation 2 years ago so my kitchen is new. I also have a whole house water filtration system with softener installed in the basement at the water main and a reverse osmosis system installed feeding my ice maker and a "drinking water" double faucet at one of my kitchen sinks.

A week ago I poured hot water from the ro faucet and it reeked. It was a familiar smell though and after I while I realized its the same smell that comes out of the sink base cabinet - where the hot water tank sits. The regular room temp water at the same faucet doesn't smell though. Neither does the water from the main faucet.

I called the water filtration company and although they never heard of this, they swapped out the hot water tank for me. They also bleached the lines going to the faucet (which then ended up smelling like bleach for a day until I drained the tank and ran all the residual bleach water through.

After all this, the hot water still tastes gross. And the cabinet still smells. Note I don't have a garbage disposal. I've taken everything out of the cabinet . Cleaned it and still reeks. Also I have a studor vent installed as well.

What could it be? And how is it possible that the cabinet smell can infiltrate only some of the water coming out of the faucet? (Or how is it possible the smell of some part of the hot water tank / pipes can infiltrate the water and the cabinet? )
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