Can you run propane through a natural gas valve?

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Buffalo, NY
My daughter picked up a used 2 year old hot water heater just so we could get hot water back in the house. In the mean time as I was getting ready to remove the boiler mate that was leaking and I noticed the leak was from coming from a plastic drain valve under the tank, put a nipple in and a cap which stopped the leak. I now have that power vent 40 gal water heater sitting in the garage which is pending sale, she wants to resale it and put the money towards a 50 gal tank that she wants. Problem is, the person wants to come look at the heater and makes sure that it runs, only thing is I don't have a gas line in the garage to fire the tank up. Someone told me to just hook a BBQ propane tank to the heater just so the person can see the burner works, is that possible to do? Can you run propane through a natural gas valve just to see if the burner will ignite?

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roll it over to the meter and hook it up. I see you are from Buffalo ... assuming you have good weather there
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