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Good day,

Had Marlo (iron) oxidizer (OX-10) installed and have some questions surrounding regeneration w/ the stock Clack WS1 CI valve.

Factory settings have regen using filtering times:
1) Rinse 1min
2) Backwash 12min
3) Fast rinse 6min
4) Brine draw 15min (air inject)

Q1) Regen occurs every 3 days regardless of usage. For the regen interval... is every three days required, regardless of usage? From reading other AIO posts, gathered as long as the air bubble is maintained, you should be able to go longer between regens (assuming you stay under the media capacity). Are there any reasons for strict time based regen vs metered usage? The WS1 includes a meter to track usage and I've been monitoring air bubble state based off water effervescence... is there any downside to switching to a metered approach? Why is more frequent regen default/preferred?

Q2) Does increasing the brine draw/injection time lead to an increase in the air bubble size and associated increase in time before bubble depletion? 15min seems short compared to other models on the market and is only lasting for ~400g before regen is required.

Q3) What is the purpose of the #1 rinse and #3 fast rinse cycles? Most AOI posts mention backwash and brine draw/air injection only.

Any guidance appreciated, thanks all!
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