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Hi, I found the following advice from Reach4 in a 2019 thread.

I would appreciate thoughts on how I'd adjust these settings.

My system is this controller, with: 64,000 grain, 2 cubic feet 10% resin, 12X52 tank, 18X33 brine. I live in a city.

Second, I need to clean my brine tank out. Can I start recharge to suck the remaining 6 inches of water out or must I dump/pump out by hand? T

Thanks in advance.

================ Previous 2019 post from guru Reach4 ========================

System info (not programmed)
salt lb/cuft : 7 ; A choice ( efficiency vs capacity)
BLFC : 0.25 ; Brine Refill rate GPM
cubic ft resin : 1.5 ; Same as (nominal grains/32,000)
Raw hardness : 20.0 ; including iron etc
H comp factor ; 1.12
Hardness compensation
Estimated gal/day ; 230.0 ; 60 gal per person prediction (auto-tunes)
Est days/regen
6.4 ; presuming days each use estimated

Fleck 5810SXT Settings:
DF = Gal ; Units
VT = 5810 ; Valve type
RF = dF2b ; Downflow, Double Backwash
CT = Fd ; Meter Delayed regen trigger
C = 33.1 ; capacity in 1000 grains
H = 22 ; Hardness grains after comp factor
RS = cr ; Cr = base reserve on recent experience
DO = 30 ; Day Override (typ 30 if no iron/Mn)
RT = 2:00 ; Regen time (default 2 AM)
B1 = 5 ; Backwash 1 (minutes) [3...10]
Bd = 60 ; Brine draw minutes
B2 = 4 ; Backwash 2 (minutes)[3...10]
RR = 6 ; Rapid Rinse minutes
BF = 14 ; Brine fill minutes
FM = t1.2 (usual) ; t1.2 is default flow meter

Alternative C and BF pairs:
lb/cuft ; C= ; BF=
5.000 ; 27.3 ; 10
5.500 ; 28.6 ; 11
6.000 ; 30.0 ; 12 *less salt used
6.500 ; 31.5 ; 13
7.000 ; 33.1 ; 14 *used in above example.
7.500 ; 34.6 ; 15
8.000 ; 36.0 ; 16 *softer
8.500 ; 37.3 ; 17
9.000 ; 38.5 ; 18



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Ontario, Canada
You haven't stated your water hardness amount. This should be tested at your location as municipal water suppliers when asked, will typically state an average hardness amount from all sources, which may or may not necessarily equal the hardness level experienced at your location.

Also specify your usual water consumption quantity as that maybe useful for programming the Reserve Capacity setting.

Also, specify your softener's BLFC particulars. That info should be stated on a label located nearby to the Brine tube connection. BLFC (Brine Line Flow Control)is the flow rate that water will enter the brine tank during Brine Fill. There are 4 different flow rates possible which, will determine the amount of brine produced for each minute of Brine Fill.

Since you feel the need to clean out your brine tank, that suggests your softener has been in operation for some amount of time. What are the current settings that are programmed? Depending on the current Capacity and the Brine Fill settings, you may need to perform one or two initial manual regenerations to restore additional capacity above the Capacity setting that is to be programmed.

You can review the current User settings as described on page 6 of the 5810SXT Manual linked below. For additional settings within the Master Programming section, to access that section, page 9 specifies you must first reset the time setting to 12:01 PM.

Some liquid will continue to remain within the brine tank as the liquid below the air check valve at the bottom of the brine tank will not be drawn out regardless of the Brine Draw setting. To fully clean out the brine tank, will require manually dumping it out. Suggest mixing a weak chlorine solution for sanitizing the interior of the brine tank each time it is cleaned every few years.

Fleck 5810SXT Manual
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