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I'm currently trying to reseed grass in my front yard. My house is on a well and has decent water pressure. My issue is I only have one spicket for the whole house on 1 acre of land(reseed is about 5,500sf). My current main supply off the well(after pressure tank and softener is 3/4 copper for 5' and then transistions to 3/4 pex to feed the water heater and 1 kitchen and bath plus the hose line.
When I recently replaced all the cpvc with pex I ran 1/2 pex off my 3/4 pex supply line to feed my hose spicket. I have very low and inconsistent water pressure out to my front yard with the 1/2" pex supply.
My question: Should/can I run 1" pex off of the 5' section of of 3/4" copper to feed 2 garden hose lines on either side of the house? The ID of 1" pex is just barely bigger than 3/4 copper and it would be 2 separate runs of about 10' and 30' to get to the spickets. I only ask because the ID of 3/4 pex is significantly smaller than 3/4 copper.


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