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  1. BranhamFoley

    Is ejector Pit vent enough?

    Attached is my idea for the basement bathroom I'm installing. I was wondering do I need a vent like shown beyond the sink? Or is the ejector pump vent enough for all the fixtures. I'm never selling my home so I need to know what will work safely more than "code".
  2. Tim Schneller

    Venting for Master Bathroom

    I am trying to figure out the venting for a master bath remodel. General sketch is attached. My questions. 1) can I vent 2” shower drain 84” to existing 2” vent which ties into the toilet. 2) can I vent the 1.5” bathtub drain into the 2” vanity drain, which would be a wet vent. As I understand...
  3. NOLAcorn

    WC Venting Question

    Question about proper venting here. I live in Southeast Louisiana in a raised one-story house (3 ft crawlspace) that's about 110 yrs old. As you'd expect the plumbing is a bit 'interesting'. When we bought it, the house already had Sched 40 PVC for wastewater everywhere except for this bathroom...
  4. Clifford82

    Plumbing plan for an upstairs addition

    Long time reader, first time poster. I'm converting a small upstairs bedroom to a small bathroom. The layout is pretty standard as seen in my hand draw masterpiece below. The toilet and sink are to the right of the entry, there will be a clawfoot tub to the left. What makes this build unique is...
  5. Beau Neal

    Sanity check on basement bathroom plumbing and venting

    I'm finishing my basement and it's time to do the plumbing in the bathroom. I think I've sorted out all of the venting correctly, but would love a second opinion: Green - proposed new lines Red - Lines I'm going to be removing Black - existing plumbing I'll have to find One other question...
  6. JoeW2019

    Am I venting this bathroom properly (IPC area, pictures included)

    I am installing a basement bathroom (sink, toilet, tub) and curious about venting properly. I am going to run a 2 inch vent up past the sink drain(common I believe). I would like to know how to properly vent my toilet behind the toilet flange, going up into the wall that will be built behind it...
  7. E3 CCook

    Vent needed with drain vertical offset?

    I'm installing a new shower and tub in the master bath. The tub is in a drop down 8" lower than the rest of the floor. Here's a picture of the setup Thanks for your help.
  8. robinsi

    Bathroom rough in : joist under wall

    Hi, I’m new here so I hope my first post makes sense! I’m remodeling my cottage bathroom. There is a floor joist right under and parallel to the wall where the shower, toilet and sink are. So the drains and vents cannot go trough the bottom plate of the wall like they usually do :( To solve that...
  9. LorraineH

    Inconsistent sewer smell, fixtures not vented?

    Post deleted.
  10. Matthewf

    Basement Toilet / Tub Venting

    I am looking for some assistance on how to correctly vent the bathroom I am putting into a basement. Below are some pictures of what I am proposing. Is this correct?
  11. CrackedCastIron

    Using a Sanitary Tee as Vent directly connected to P-Trap trap?

    First pic shows what I believe would be a standard install. P-Trap + P-Trap elbow, connected to a vent. Second pic shows using a sanitary tee RATHER than the elbow that came with the P-Trap, functioning as both the P-Trap elbow and as the vent coming out the top. Are there any issues with this...
  12. Ravean

    Help with Bathroom venting

    Hi Everyone, I have a bathroom where the venting for the toilet and shower need to be moved into another wall. All venting is 2" and this is in California. 1) Can they be combined before they rise above the fixtures? The toilet vent is higher than the shower so they could be combined...
  13. TEstsolarus

    Wet venting vs individual venting

    This is probably obvious to folks on this forum, but haven't been able to figure it out despite looking through. In most wet venting configurations, the toilet appears to be at the end. Trying to figure out how to vent a bathroom (shower, toilet, sink), all draining through the toilet drain in...
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