1. RAG71

    Bathtub vent pipe issue

    I am changing from a 3 handle faucet to a single handle pressure balanced Moen. When I opened up the wall the vent pipe is in the way of where the valve would need to be centered. Is this something a plumber can easily resolve, or am I better off just installing another 2/3 handle? Thanks for...
  2. WoodchuckDIY

    Master Suite Bath Drain Advice - Tub and Bath Separate

    Hello All! I've been perusing the forums (and much of the web for that matter) without finding details on the proper way to vent a stand alone shower and stand alone tub into the same drain line. In addition to this, open to any feedback/concerns/advice on my general plans for the relocation...
  3. Justfixit

    New 50 Gallon Rheem Backdrafting

    Hello, I installed a new Rheem 50 gallon natural gas water heater to replace my old Rheem 50 gallon. I noticed after it ran for probably a half-hour the plastic trim pieces around the water lines was melting. The vent is very simple just an elbow on about a 45 then straight out the block wall...
  4. Billy1707

    Can I split then recombine vent line to minimize notch size through top-plate

    To minimize notch depth through a top-plate, can I split a vertical vent line into two smaller lines and then recombine on the other side of the top-plate? For instance, 2in DWV line-> 2"x1.5"x1.5" wye-> 1pc 1.5" street 45-> 2pcs 1.5" DWV parallel through notched top-plate (properly strapped...
  5. Devinc

    Consolidating Plumbing Vents in Attic

    We currently have five plumbing vents through our roof. There are two 2" vents (toilets) and three 1.5" vents (sinks/tubs, washing machine). Before putting on a new roof I want to consolidate them all into one new 4" vent. The two existing 2" vents are furthest away from the new 4" vent, and...
  6. Oldtimm

    Venting a basement shower remodel

    Hello all, In the process of a remodel and I'm trying to wrap my head around how to vent the shower. The way I see it, I have two options based on where everything needs to be. Option A (red lines are my proposed runs): Option B: The shower trap will be too close to the wall to fork off of...
  7. Bnewell101

    Bathroom addition venting help

    I'm adding a small bathroom addition to my house and I'm not sure the best way to set it up. Here is a rough sketch on what I came up with but I'm not 100% sure if it will work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Marshall62

    Ventilation stack leak

    We have heavily used shower in an upstairs bathroom (with exhaust fan) that drains into a pipe that runs up/down an outside wall into the attic where it then turns and runs horizontally in toward the center of the building where it joins a larger diameter stack pipe. Its very cold in our attic...
  9. Smorrison0702

    Venting setup

    Hi all, First time posting to this forum but have been coming here for advice for a while! I am working on the DWV setup for a new bathroom. I want to make sure that the attached setup will properly vent the shower. I’ve seen wet vent diagrams showing both a WC and shower downstream of a vent...
  10. Blollum

    Basement sink pump venting

    I am putting in a bar room with sink and 1/2 bath in my basement. My plan is to use a Zoeller 105 pump for the sink. The 1/2 bath will have a vanity sink going to a Saniflo Sanicompact upflush toilet. 1.) 1/2 Bath: my understanding is that the bathroom sink can connect to the Sanicompact...
  11. Jjintn

    Vent on rerouted plumbing

    Hi, first time posting on here and appreciate any advice. I'm in the process of remodeling my kitchen and have removed a non-load bearing wall that was between a storage closet and pantry. Above the kitchen is the master bath. As you can see in the attached pic the stand up shower (1) 2", the...
  12. LetMeVent

    Help Venting Freestanding Tub

    We are currently undergoing a master bath remodel, and want to confirm my plan for venting the new freestanding tub. The previous bathroom configuration had a corner whirlpool tub framed to abut a single vanity along each side, and the tub drain was wet vented to the lav in the vanity along the...
  13. Peterac78

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New wate

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New water heater. Live in home now for 20 years but could happen anywhere. Got a new water heater in September on 2nd floor in a tiny closet. In that closet is a metal aluminum vent and also a white...
  14. Timothy Miller

    AAV Location or placement under Kitchen sink?

    In this situation, is the current location of the P Trap in relation to the AAV valve correct, or must the P-trap be below the base of the drain pipe?
  15. Isaac H

    Best way to vent my tub

    So long story short, I am new to plumbing and am a homeowner plumbing the house I bought 1 year ago. Replumbed the whole thing myself so far, but it's a small house and fairly simple. This one thing has really got me confused though. The vent location for the clawfoot tub I'm installing is in...
  16. mcfall9

    Sewage Ejector questions. Wet Vent

    I am installing a bathroom in the basement I have to pump up to the drain. For lack of a better name the "Sewer Crock, pump" will need to be vented. Do I have to tie into and existing vent upstairs that runs to the attic-roof or can I tie into the sewer drain and use a wet vent ?
  17. vinrin2

    Wye not cut it in here?

    I am installing a new linear shower drain. What I hope to do is install the new drain upstream of the 1.5” dry vent, however there is already one 2” vented drain that discharges just above the vent (originates at my washing machine). Reading code 909.2, it appears that I should not install the...
  18. Ryansteelers

    New toilet venting

    I recently added a half bath on the 1st floor of my home (septic system fyi) To drain it, I tapped into the toilet pipe coming from my 2nd floor bathroom. The existing drain pipe runs vertically from the 2nd floor straight down into the basement... I connected the new toilet drain pipe in the...
  19. Jesse Okiror

    Island loop vent not draining

    I had an island loop installed with my kitchen reno. I opened the vent side cleanout and water poured out. Then there was standing water up to level of the cleanout. So the vent side of the loop isn’t draining. The drain side is draining though. This shouldn’t be possible if the loop was done...
  20. madtownjeremy

    Rerouting weird drain configuration...does this REALLY need a vent?

    Hello! I've been scouring this site and google for days for what I'm guessing is a ridiculously simple solution to my problem. In the photo you can see that the discharge valve on my softener has a threaded 5/8" male connector, to which 5/8" copper piping is connected using a brass compression...
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