sewer smell

  1. Jen0306

    NEED ADVICE! Air in water lines and stinky smell - related??

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, but I would appreciate any and all input. I have two issues and I'm not sure if they could be related. We have a lake home in Wisconsin, have a shallow well and a septic. For the past 18 months or so, we have had air in our water lines (mainly...
  2. Stephybc00

    Sewer smell after a partial remodel

    I have a 1997 fleetwood mobile home and paid my sisters handyman boyfriend to come over and put my bathtub back in. My aunt and I ripped the bathroom out a couple years back, and then, she never came back to help me refinish it. So, since I have no vanity to put back, he just cut off the pipes...
  3. saxsellers

    Sewer Smell when hot & humid

    Moved into house (built in 1905) in December. It still has the cast iron toilet drain and main stack. We have been getting an intermittent sewer smell in the house/basement since about late April/early May. It never smelled in the cool months of December - March. Just doing some...
  4. saxsellers

    Sewer smell from bathtub

    Recently bought a 100+ year old house with basement. When someone takes a shower or bath, the main floor seems to get a strong sewer smell, but none in the basement. We still smell it after coming home from work in the afternoon, but very strong with a bath. The stench really comes through...
  5. Nick in T.O.

    Diagnosing bad smell in basement bathroom with BWV - smoke test or no?

    Hi Terry and everyone Tried to keep this short, but wanted you to have detail. I'm in Hamilton, ON Canada. I bought a 50-60 year old bungalow and for the first few weeks after moving in I didn't *seem* to have an issue. Then I started getting an intermittent sewer gas/poop smell in the...
  6. Mjchevalier

    Sewer gas smell in bathroom is a mystery?

    I own a 2 story townhome on a slab with no basement. Our downstairs bathroom has had a sewer smell develop in it and I also noticed the toilet was rocking side to side. I pulled it off to find a broken pvc closet flange. Replaced the flange and set it back on with a new thick wax ring with no...
  7. NeedHelpAlways

    Is This Correct Venting? I Live in St.Louis County Missouri

    So I received a plumbing violation when I was trying to get an occupancy permit. I contracted a plumber to update the plumbing and he removed my cast iron stack and the abs glued to pvc and this is the final project for $2800 but is this correct? My concern is I smell sewer after I flush the...
  8. Jefehebes

    Drain to Laundry is leaking sewer gas smell

    Hi All, cannot figure this one out. I know there has been similar posts. I have a split level home, Laundry machine is on the bottom floor, plumbing is in the crawl space. When I start the laundry, the sewer smell starts building from the drain hose. It takes about 30 seconds then slowly...
  9. Dowonee

    Pungent smell from the electrical outlet/kitchen

    Hello, I've been having this odor issue that has been driving me crazy which seem to be getting worse by the day and hoping to see if anyone might have some ideas on why.. I live in CA in a 5 stories apartment complex. For months, there have been this faint foul odor always trapped in the...
  10. hedwards25

    Sewer Smell coming from pipes connected to hot water heater

    Hi! I have a PVC pipe in my pantry (where hot water heater is located) and a pipe from the hot water heater enters there. I believe a plumber said it was the relief valve/pipe? Anyway, there is a terrible smell coming from it. It used to come occasionally (but never where I could figure out...
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