Navien NHB-110 - Error E302 - Low Pressure Water - Help

    My Navien was installed 1.5 years ago and from the start, it had an issue with low-pressure water in the winter. The installer came to fix and it worked fine in the summer, however, in the winter boiler start showing error code E302 two or three times a week. My boiler provides heat to TWO...
  2. Divide_by_zero

    NPE-180 Slow Leak

    Below the red dial water slowly wells up where two pieces of plastic screw together on the back of the pump. Sadly I know nothing of tankless heaters but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask since we no longer have hot water during a weekend snow storm.
  3. Hope

    How to Bleed Air from Navien Combi 240?

    I have a Navien NCB-240E combi boiler for DHW and heating (baseboard+radiators) with 4 zones. I have had issues in the past with pressure dropping and boiler stopped working and giving error code E351. Majority of the time It’s fixed by draining the radiators on the second floor (sometimes I...
  4. Jessica857

    Navien Combi System NCB-210E - Temperature Issue

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and hopefully someone will be able to help me. I recently bought a new house that was converted to gas. A new Navien combi boiler was put in to replace the old furnace. I've moved in for 3 weeks, everything was fine until this past week when the temperature dropped. I...
  5. jahanzed

    Navien NCB-240E Pressure Dropped

    So my Navien had a code E351 along with the ranch sign on. I called Navien support and was told to read the PSI after I plug out and in the system. PSI was 4.1. They told me to call a contractor and have him/her take a look at it and go from there. Apparently the pressure is low and need to...
  6. carriagehousereno

    Navien NCB 240 extreme cold water sandwhich frequent pressure purges

    Hey all, So let me describe my problem first and then I'll describe the specifics of my installation. The Problem: Over the past 2 weeks we have began experiencing the cold water sandwich for the first time since installation. It doesn't"t happen consistently, but when it does we often go from...
  7. Adam Farrow

    Radiant floor with tankless Combi boiler on wood stove

    Before I start calling plumbers I want to know if this is possible and what I need to see if I'm choosing the correct installer. I want a radiant floor heat powered by a wood stove and tankless combiboiler when wood fire dies I want the tankless to pick up the demand. The tankless will be used...
  8. EastVan

    Options for replacing an existing Navien

    Hi Everyone, I have been thinking ahead about replacing my Navien CR-A 240, which has been running relatively well for the past 8 years. I assume that at a certain point, the repair bills will make this a reality. My unit has the two vents at the top, water into/out of the bottom and gas on...
  9. EastVan

    Navien Tankless H/W Heater Clicking Sound Help

    Navien CR-A 240 Tankless Hot Water Heater installed in 2010. Making an unusual clicking sound as heard in linked video. Has anyone heard anything like this? Sound appears to be coming from inlet flow adapter/flow adjustment valve/flow adjustment v/v pipe. Noise begins at 00:15 (sec) in video...
  10. Maksim

    Meaning of supply water temperature and return water temperature

    Hi, I have NAVIEN NCB 240E combi in my house. Paragraph 3.2 says: The default space heating supply water temperature range is 104°F (40°C, Absolute MIN) to 180°F (82°C, Absolute MAX). ● The default space heating return water temperature range is 86°F (30°C, Absolute MIN) to 149°F (65°C...
  11. ProxyBox

    Navien NPE-a series Remote Control How-to Video

    I was able to integrate an RF remote to control the internal recirculation pump in the Navien NPE-a series tankless water heaters. I own the npe-180a. The video is for informational purposes only and I don't make any warranty assurances.
  12. Teresa G

    Help Calibrating a Navien NCB 210E - It has efficiency problems

    Hi all, I was sold a Navien NCB 210E combi boiler in August with the golden promises of its efficiency and effectiveness. The background: It was officially operational Sept 1. Since then, it has failed to keep up with the heat demand when the temperature hit -10C and the propane consumption has...
  13. GeraldM

    Is a Navien NCB-240E overkill?

    Hello there, this is my first post to this forum and am hoping for some common sense advice on what to use as a source for space heating and domestic hot water. I live in Oregon in the Willamette Valley and have a 17 year old timber frame with in-floor radiant heat (tubes embedded in concrete)...
  14. mcdavis

    Considering two dual-tankless options - feedback requested

    I'm in the market for a new hot water system for a large home (5000 sq ft). - 6 bathrooms, 4 full - spa jacuzzi - 2 dishwashers - 1 shower with two lines, 3 heads + 2 body wash - dual laundry rooms - total of 13 sinks in the house Water heaters are quite close to the gas source and exterior...
  15. SamMtn

    Controling Navien NPE internal recirculation pump

    Does anyone know the logic behind how Navien controls their internal recirculation pump when it is circulating with an external loop? This would be with the second dip switch in the "On" position and the water valve in the "external loop" position. Here is what I want to do: Turn off the...
  16. DrZman

    Navien NCB 240 constant flame loss (E012)

    Hi all, Multiple times a day I get Error 012 (flame loss) at my Navien NCB 240. I have to reset the boiler to make it work again. I have called the installer multiple times but the problem persists. Here is what I have done so far. All with installer and recommendations of Navien support...
  17. Faderus

    Replacing everything with Navien combi unit

    Hi all, thanks in advance for the input. I live in Poughkeepsie, NY and am looking for some input. I have a 1960 Split Level 1800 square ft house which is getting a complete HVAC system replacement. We have spray foamed the roof deck and the envelope around the garage (6-8" open cell foam)...
  18. DR-DEATH

    Navien NCB-240E possible purchase

    Hi, New user here but I am looking for some professional advice. I am shopping for new hot water heaters and while I am at it.. interested in replacing our old nat gas boiler from 1985. I am specifically looking at combi units and have had two companies come out to give me quotes and expect...
  19. J.H. Aull

    Marry Tankless and Tank

    I've got two 40 gal tanks in a series providing my hot water with recirculating pump and non-dedicated return line. First one in the series has failed and we've been "surviving" off the one. I'm thinking of the Navien 240 tankless to feed my tank (no sense in ditching a good tank). Since the...
  20. n0chance

    Dunkirk DKVLT-075 vs Navien NHB-80

    Hi, I have a baseboard water heat system that currently heats by oil. I am looking to convert this to gas (and still have a separate electric water heater for running water). I received a quote from a vendor stating i qualified for a home energy rebate to Get my attic insulated Install a...
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