1. Tony Fowler

    Tankless water heater. Abandoned by plumber

    We just had a Navien 240A tankless water heater installed to replace 2 conventional water heaters. Plumber said he would be connecting recirculating line to help speed hot water to far end of house that used to be on its own tank water heater. After he got all the piping done he said he still...
  2. Brooklyn

    Navien Combi Heats home but no DHW

    The Navien is a recent purchase and this issue started when it got really cold. The combi starts up to supply hot water to radiators but does not supply hot water. The water is running cold in all the shower and faucet. There is no error code. The flow should be high as I dont use faucets that...
  3. Monguila

    Navien NPE-210a - Preheat Off Offset Temp (P.15)

    Good day to all! Does anyone have experience with parameter P.15 on Navien's Npe210a heater? It is defaulted to 9. Factory settings sometimes are set to the "middle of the road," so I am wondering if it could be further maximized Thank you, Luis
  4. Benjamin

    Navien Recirculation Motion Sensor

    Hello everybody, I thought I’d share with you all how my hot water recirculation project is going. For the water heater I have a Navien-240A. For accessories I got the Hotbutton kit and two Navicirc thermal bypass valves. I set DIP switch #2 “ON” for external recirculation. I set Perameter...
  5. Santosh Krishnan

    Hot water in sink faucet but luke warm in the Shower

    We have 2 Navien 240 A units cascaded and brand new. The problem: The main heater is set to 130° and the cascaded unit synchronizes. When I open the shower, we get near instantaneous hot water that I have managed to measure at 120° or more. However, the hot water gets to lukewarm within a...
  6. ShawnW123

    Navien NHB Series Boiler - Error Code 291

    I have a Navien NHB series boiler that produces an error code 291 about 5 minutes into its call for heat. Boiler fires, pump activates, hot water begins to flow and the temp readout gets to 104 (which is the setting for this unit as it is heating a cement garage slab). I spoke to a Navien tech...
  7. Karl Lucas

    Navien NCB240E Pressure problems

    My Navien Combi Boiler installed Dec 2019 consistently runs at a high pressure - 27-30psi. The following conditions exist: I have a 4-zone system with Tac0-570-2 valves in a 3,000 sq. ft. home with highly oxygenated well water; when first installed it was not set for fin radiators- that was...
  8. theMezz

    Backup generator to power my Navien NCB-240E

    I was thinking of buying this generator to power my Navien NCB-240E and one zone water pump. Boiler requires 200 watts. It's 2000 watts so should be enough, but do you think the power is clean enough for the electronics in the NCB-240E thanks in advance everyone
  9. Aron Golden

    Navien 240 combi

    Two story house with two thermostats. Upstairs works, downstairs pumps unheated water through radiators regardless of thermostat setting. Valve? Pump? This will be the 12th repair in 6 years for this unit. Getting frustrated and going broke!
  10. dogbert

    Navien 240 newbie...advice on settings please

    This summer I bought a house that has a Navien NCB 240E installed. I've been reading the manuals and this forum trying to understand the system, and in particular the best way to operate the heating for the winter. First, some details of the house: - old house, completely renovated down to the...
  11. Ben F

    Navicirc squeal sound?

    Recently had a navien tankless NPE 240a installed. Also got two navicirc one for each bathroom and set up external recirculation through the cold water line. At the end of a recirculation cycle (can hear the water flow + clicks for the navicircs) one of the navicircs (the one in the master)...
  12. Pete Carlone

    Navien NPE 240A with Navicirc Valves

    Greetings. New to this forum but I saw other Navien posts on here so thought I could get some help. Here's the story: Just moved into a house and the previous homeowners had a Navien NPE 240A installed. I wanted to get it checked out (so that someone could explain to me how it worked...
  13. MikeO411

    Navien recirculation

    I recently added a Navien NCB combi-boiler beside my existing NPE-A water heater. Prior to this I had the dip switches on the NPE set to the intelligent preheating mode and the re circulation system worked wonderfully. Since linking to the NCB, i had to set the NCB as the master and the NPE as...
  14. mitch22

    Navien 240A suddenly not as hot in internal recirculating mode

    Works fine with recirculation off, reaches the target temperature. But feels about 20 degrees cooler when I put it in internal recirculating mode. Confirmed the dip switches and valve position. This started a few weeks ago. Cleaned the water filters. Everything else seems to be in working...
  15. Kal

    Navien Intelligent Preheating Setting

    Just had a Navien 240A installed with a thermal bypass valve for recirculation. The dip switches are set to: 1 - ON 2 - ON which are the settings for Intelligent Preheating per the manual. My question is if Parameter 17 (for thermal bypass valve) should be set to On or Off. It is currently set...
  16. guido

    Navien heavy knocking

    Starts at 40 seconds in: Navien tankless 240 Heat circulation on It's a new sound, we've had this tankless since 2016. Was inspected a year ago. When I look at which pipe is making the most vibrations, it's a black pipe on the right side of the unit. Should I turn the unit off immediately...
  17. Leonard Bayard

    Short acid neutralizer life

    I have a Navien NHB-150 boiler and have been going through neutralizer at a fairly fast clip. My plumber installed a Saniflo sanicondens and it used up the round granules in about two weeks. I switched the granules to the Rinnai rocks (about 2lbs) and that only lasted just over a month. The ph...
  18. byroncheung

    Navien ch240 error code e02?

    Hydro coil in the airhandler bursted. Had a guy came to replace the coil, initially the boiler was showing e02 (low water pressure in the heating side), he messed with it a little bit (drained, purged air etc) and got it working. but a few hours later e02 came back and it's not working again...
  19. Terry

    Feeling stupid, my tankless water heater turns cold when I'm in the shower

    Tankless water heaters are fairly new to us, and we're just starting to find out the funny little tricks they play on us. The favorite one is water turning cold while in the shower. That like never happens with a standard vented tank water heater. The tankless is different though. For starters...
  20. mcbklyn

    Navien make whistling noise and sends propane in exhauset

    Hi, I am homeowner trying to troubleshoot a problem with my heater. I have Navien NCB-240E installed 1 1/2 yrs ago (manufactured 2016) on propane. I have 500gl outside propane tank with 2 regulators (on the tank and on the house). A month ago after refill my Navien started to make short (1-3sec)...
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